• Firing Line: Victor Garibay

    Firing Line: Victor Garibay
    Here's Victor adapting to natural street terrain and having fun.
  • Firing Line: James Capps

    Firing Line: James Capps
    Fresh off the heels of a killer video part, Capps delivers a high speed line for your viewing pleasure. 
  • Firing Line: Dane Vaughn

    Firing Line: Dane Vaughn
    With his crazy tech moves, Dane stood out in the team section of "Blood Money." Here he has a unique ledge trick.
  • Firing Line: Kevin Braun

    Firing Line: Kevin Braun
    Three snappy flicks and a high rate of speed make this is a solid line.
  • Firing Line: Frankie Heck

    Firing Line: Frankie Heck
    After watching this five times and having it get better with each view, it's tough to write a caption for a line this amazing. 
  • Firing Line: Wade Desarmo

    Firing Line: Wade Desarmo
    A chilly night in the heart of downtown, perfect benches in a row. Of course Wade is gonna link a quick line.
  • Firing Line: Boo Johnson

    Firing Line: Boo Johnson
    Boo has some ground-breaking tech moves, but he also can snap classic tricks and make them look damn good.
  • Firing Line: Pat Pasquale

    Firing Line: Pat Pasquale
    Pat summons the spirit of San Diego and laces a couple flip-in ledge maneuvers.
  • Firing Line: Marquise Henry

    Firing Line: Marquise Henry
    In this line the ground, ledges, and tricks themselves are as smooth and buttery as can be.
  • Firing Line: Jack Fardell

    Firing Line: Jack Fardell
    Any time you can include riding a fallen log in a line you should do so.