• Firing Line: Shane O'Neill

    Firing Line: Shane O'Neill
    Nugget can string together tricks in a line that most people would be satisfied with as a single trick. Style, consistency, and a video part with us coming out later in the year...
  • Firing Line: Austyn Gillette

    Firing Line: Austyn Gillette
    A sloped spot with several bank options is like a playground for Austyn.
  • Firing Line: Dylan Rieder

    Firing Line: Dylan Rieder
    This dude's pop and flick are solid as a rock. The picnic tables never had a chance...
  • Firing Line: Chad Fernandez

    Firing Line: Chad Fernandez
    Chad figured out how to squeeze a line from the top of Hollywood High, including a dangerous rail choice.
  • Firing Line: Eric Dasaro

    Firing Line: Eric Dasaro
    This ain't no half-assed two trick line, Eric Dasaro goes the distance and circles the whole damn spot. 
  • Firing Line: Davis Torgerson

    Firing Line: Davis Torgerson
    Empty water fountains usually have a high skate potential. Davis makes excellent use of a really good one. 
  • Firing Line: Moose

    Firing Line: Moose
    Moose makes use of the whole school, starting off in the courtyard before exiting down the stairs.
  • Firing Line: Shuriken Shannon

    Firing Line: Shuriken Shannon
    Nothing wrong with an unusual trick when you make them look this good.
  • Firing Line: Nyjah Huston

    Firing Line: Nyjah Huston
    For most skaters this ender would stand alone and probably require a brutal battle (if it could be landed at all). Nyjah decided to make a line out of it.
  • Firing Line: David Reyes

    Firing Line: David Reyes
    The Belmont ledges are back and David provides us with a rarely seen ledge combo.