• Nike SB Orange Label Retailer Session

    Nike SB Orange Label Retailer Session
    DLX’s Tim Fulton put together a edit showcasing a session of some of our favorites shops to wear test the Nike Orange label kicks. Check it out.
  • The "GIZMO" Interviews: Elissa Steamer

    The "GIZMO" Interviews: Elissa Steamer
    Elissa is an absolute LEGEND. This interview hits on gender inequality, being an openly-gay skater, knocking out teeth and her friendship with Jason Jessee. Wanna know why the vid was named GIZMO? Find out, kids!
  • The "GIZMO" Interviews: Josie Millard

    The "GIZMO" Interviews: Josie Millard
    Modeling, motorcycling, mountain biking and of course skating—Josie’s not gonna fit in your damn box, so deal with it!
  • The "GIZMO" Interviews: Sarah Meurle

    The "GIZMO" Interviews: Sarah Meurle
    She grew up skating the crusty streets of Malmö and was in the first graduating class of Bryggeriet, the famous skate high school. Apparently watching skate videos in class pays off. Sarah shreds!
  • The "GIZMO" Interviews: Hayley Wilson

    The "GIZMO" Interviews: Hayley Wilson
    The streets took a beatdown from Hayley in Gizmo! The Aussie shredder dishes on growing up skating with the dudes, who has the best switch flip in the game and bumping Lady Gaga in the van. What’s a bomber ledge?
  • The "GIZMO" Interviews: Leticia Bufoni

    The "GIZMO" Interviews: Leticia Bufoni
    Leticia weighs in on skating in leggings, her friendship with Nyjah, posing nude for ESPN and her humble beginnings in Brazil. Haters gonna hate; skaters gonna skate.
  • The "GIZMO" Interviews: Aori Nishimura

    The "GIZMO" Interviews: Aori Nishimura
    From Tokyo to GIZMO, Aori’s here to skate every damn day and chomp on rails in the streets. What else do you need? Nothing. That’s what.
  • Meet the Nike SB Women's Team

    Meet the Nike SB Women's Team
    Before their premiere of their barn-burning GIZMO video, a few of the stars of the squad sat down for a lil Q&A.
  • The "GIZMO" Interviews: Lacey Baker

    The "GIZMO" Interviews: Lacey Baker
    Lacey Baker has put out some of the most technical and stylish footage ever seen, inspiring a global audience of women, queer and male skaters from around the globe. And despite also being a two-time world champion, she still has a humble outlook and wants to continue to create more space for non-traditional skateboarders.
  • NIke SB's "GIZMO" Video

    NIke SB's "GIZMO" Video
    Nike’s latest offering is a full-length, all-female video and it is BADASS. With a cast of seasoned pros and hot shoe up-and-comers, this flick’s got something for everyone. Except misogynists. Y’all get nothing. Gizmo GOES!