• Paul Rodriguez "Living Portrait"

    Paul Rodriguez "Living Portrait"
    Check out this new commercial from Mountain Dew featuring Paul Rodriguez.
  • P-Rod CCS Interview

    P-Rod CCS Interview
    CCS just posted this extended Paul Rodriguez interview from their catalog.
  • New Nike SB P Rod 7 Commercial

    New Nike SB P Rod 7 Commercial
    There's a bunch of ways to announce a new shoe release. But there's never been one like this. You gotta check this out...
  • Firing Line: Best of 2012

    Firing Line: Best of 2012
    Trick selection, style, spots, and the act of pushing and rolling. Lines are a skater's showcase, and this highlight reel is amazing.
  • P-Rod Switch/Regular Video

    P-Rod Switch/Regular Video
    Paul Rodriguez and Venture trucks just dropped a new Switch/Regular video giveaway. Two different trucks for two different tricks—first regular, then back to switch.
  • Interactive Plan B Video

    Interactive Plan B Video
    Plan B teamed up with Network A to let you chose your own adventure through this video featuring P-Rod, Torey Pudwill, and Ryan Sheckler.
  • Firing Line: Paul Rodriguez

    Firing Line: Paul Rodriguez
    One of the best street skaters at one of the best street spots.
  • Everybody Starts Small, Even P-Rod

    Everybody Starts Small, Even P-Rod
    Paul Rodriguez has a new shoe on Nike, 2012 X-Games gold around his neck, and his first Street League win under his belt, but he started out behind the grocery store just like everyone else. (WATCH VIDEO)
  • P-Rod Brigada Commercial

    P-Rod Brigada Commercial
    Paul Rodriguez gets a psychedelic switch hardflip in this new commercial from Brigada.
  • P-Rod Skate Every Damn Day

    P-Rod Skate Every Damn Day
    The behind-the-scenes skate edit from Paul Rodriguez' Skate Every Damn Day chapter has just been unlocked.