• Roger of the Season

    Roger of the Season
    Roger Skateboards would like to introduce you to the very first Roger of the Season winner, Jamal Gibbs from Boynton Beach, FL.
  • Trill Bill

    Trill Bill
    Roger skateboards has a new clip starring Bill Pierce as Trill Bill.
  • Cesar Fernandez Re-Edit

    Cesar Fernandez Re-Edit
    Cesar re-edited his Secondhand Stoke video part for Roger. Watch it here.
  • Firing Line: Max Taylor

    Firing Line: Max Taylor
    When a skate-worthy set-up is both downtown and downhill, you know you're gonna get a good line.
  • Kill The Engine

    Kill The Engine
    A board company owner reviewing his own video? Only one guy can get away with that.
  • Roger "Secondhand Stoke" Pt. 2

    Roger "Secondhand Stoke" Pt. 2
    Cesar Fernandez links together amazing, smooth lines while Tim and Eric have one of the most absurd, fun, creative parts ever. You're gonna want to go skating after this one. Trust us.
  • Secondhand Stoke Part 1

    Secondhand Stoke Part 1
    The faces of the guilty have been skulled over to protect the innocent. Max Taylor and Ryan Holloway mash out the jams in part one of three… And it's a barn burner. Lytle and ((Sounder)), fuck yeah!
  • Roger "Secondhand Stoke" trailer

    Roger "Secondhand Stoke" trailer
    It's a safe bet this video will have a fun vibe, mixing rad skating with overall weirdness. Featuring Nate Broussard, Cesar Fernandez, Nate Lacoste, Tim and Eric, and others. Part one of three premiering this Saturday only on thrashermagazine.com.
  • Secondhand Stoke Teaser

    Secondhand Stoke Teaser
    Check out this teaser for the new Roger video that's dropping on August 11th.
  • Fairdale x Roger

    Fairdale x Roger
    Fairdale and Roger teamed up to bring you this bike and board. Check it out.