• Saints & Sinners: Get The Fuck Out Of Dodge

    Saints & Sinners: Get The Fuck Out Of Dodge
    Things were getting interesting near Dodge park in Columbus, Ohio. Emmanuel Guzman, David Gravette, Taylor Bingaman, Al Partanen, Darren Navarrette, and Sid Melvin dodged the rain and had a good roll.
  • Saints & Sinners: First Few Days...

    Saints & Sinners: First Few Days...
    We were diggin' through the vaults and found this rip ride. The boys, King Diamond, and a kill ramp all add up to EPIC.
  • Saints & Sinners: Day 3

    Saints & Sinners: Day 3
    Dirty Boarding—Throw in 300 free beers and Adrian Mallory and Mikey Curtis will ride.
  • Saints & Sinners: Kettering

    Saints & Sinners: Kettering
    The Saints and the Sinners rolled through Dyrdek's home town, and David Gravette, Devin Appelo, Adrian Mallory, Sid Melvin, and Taylor Bingaman got a piece of the Kettering Skate Plaza.
  • Saints & Sinners: Louisville Sluggers

    Saints & Sinners: Louisville Sluggers
    Late night heat above 90 degrees meant some good rides for Al Partanen, Mikey Curtis, Emmanuel Guzman, Adrian Mallory, and Dane Warner.