adidas "Away Days" Premiere Photos

Last night in LA, adidas threw one of the biggest premiers I’ve ever seen for their new video Away Days. The house was packed with skateboarding's greats—everyone came out to support their striped friends! The video was epic—all thriller, no filler. Definitely the kind of video that makes you want to go skate. Go watch it as soon as you can! —David Broach

The crowd gathered and lines wrapped around both sides of the Orpheum Theater


Even the bosses had to wait in line for this one: Dill, Meza, The Boss


Deathwisher Jay Thorpe with Shake Junter Shane Heyl


More big bosses waiting in line: Jim Thiebaud and Eric Dressen


Soon to be proud parents: Real TM Nate Alton and his wife Sharon


The men behind the other men, lensman Tim Fulton and Krooked TM Bram


A shiny new gold tooth thing with Boo


The art of the social-media deal by Robert Brink and Davis T


Kyle Walker, his main squeeze Madison, Joe Dirt and Animal Chin


This is when Doughnut explained the Larry David walk-and-talk method of cutting in line. You find someone you know in line and start talking and walking with them and you're in! He looks very proud of himself


Chris Haslam and Erica Yary. I’m pretty sure under all that hair, Chris has a sarcastic look on his face and he doesn’t really mean peace


The one and only Matt Milligan with the other one and only Cairo Foster


Two Slices of BOSS, please! Pizzanista boss man and the real switch God, Salman Agah, with Thrasher's big boss man Tony V!


Employee of the century, Thomas Bonilla! If you need pizza, leather goods or tattoos, he’s your man! You can find him at the address on them boxes


Old Shorty's filmer Tuan Nguyen with his lady friend Molly. FYI, kids, Toan Nguyen—his brother that was pro for Shorty's—got all his jokes from Tuan, If you’ve never seen Fulfill The Dream, go YouTube it


This was the free-stuff booth. Scarfs and shirts. Not that interesting, I know


Really bad photo of DJ Premier on the wheels of steel! It sounded tight, though!


Can't stop, won't stop that social selfie game


Dem Baker distribution girl and boys: Carly, Trevor and Lenoce


Mid-level legend Curtis Buchanan with a big-time legend Scott Johnston


Photographer Jeremy Adams with retired photographer Evidently they didn’t like the free popcorn


Windsor's startin' to feel it!


Daewon Song got photo bombed by a turtle that looked like Andrew Reynolds. Daewon also got on adidas. Maybe you heard it here first?


Again, can’t stop won't stop Instagram


Hanging loose with one of the filmers of Away Days, Mike Poore, with that old, creepy Kyle Camarillo


When your boss sets it up for you but you can’t quite knock it down: Burnett gave me gold and I blew it! Fuzzy photo of the guy who’s helped me out for 15 years. Thank you, Mike!


Master wordsmith Dave Carnie. He’s not the guy on the left and not the pretty lady on the right.


Heeeeey, it’s Robbie!


One of the stars of the show, Miles Silvas with his lovely lady


Mike Sinclair going in on the free popcorn. He’s 'bout dat pug life


A more-professional shot with Ryan Bobier and more popcorn action


Vern and Sal Barbier


adidas international players: Benny Fairfax, Gunes Ozdogan and Dennis Durrant


One of Oklahoma’s finest, Ernie Torres, with one of Baker's finest, CJ


Fight night with Dennis and Jake


One of the greatest skate photographers of all time: Bryce Kanights. Not the screaming lady or Dennis but the handsome gentleman in the middle


Silas persuading his wife to take a photo with him for the blog and what appears to be a who-wore-it-best beanie situation in the background


Nailed it. Still not sure who wore it best, though


It’s that button, Arto


Okay, got it!


Jack Fardell and his mom


Surprise! MJ is wearing three stripes now!


A couple of wizards: the Gonz with professor Schmitt


Tall-ass Daniel Wheatley with a little Heath Kirchart


Awesome Alec, pre-show warmup


Mike O’Meally, big-time bloggin' for adidas


Koston and then—who cares! Jk, jk: Dylan Radloff, Jake, Frosty, Tyrone Romero and Miles


Jason Hernandez and Ewan Bowman. Ewan said only one of them is a good filmer


Na-kel Smith, eyeballing something better than my dumb camera


Ako and Guy


adidas flew out accounts for the big shindig. These are a couple of the Index dawgs from Dallas


Some bros from down under: photographer Andrew James Peters with a duck-faced Chima


Thrasher filmer Dan with South African Sam!


Windsor tore his urethra a few days ago. He’s stuck with a catheter and a pee bag for the next two weeks! He needed to show me how free beer goes straight to it. Amazing!


The crowd gathered to watch the vid. After this, Snoop Dogg came on stage to introduce Away Days. Congrats on an excellent video, guys! Nailed it!

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