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SKATELINE: 05.05.2015
SKATELINE: 05.05.2015
Bobby De Keyzer rips, El Toro late shove attempt, Torey Pudwill's Grizzly commercial, and more on today's episode of Skateline.
Classics: Alphonzo Rawls' "Next Generation" Part
Classics: Alphonzo Rawls Next Generation Part
Alf has always had a whirlwind of unique tricks in his bag including moves that have never been seen before or since. He's a transition wizard but Street Alf rules, too. Josh Borden introduces a classic part from the 1992 H-Street video.
First Look: Dan Lu and the Vans Team
First Look: Dan Lu and the Vans Team
Dan Lu receives an epic surprise before his Vans teammates join him for a tour of the latest issue.
Vans' "Propeller" on iTunes
Vans Propeller on iTunes
The wait is over. You can now download "Propeller" from the iTunes store here.
Freddy Gall for OJ Wheels
Freddy Gall for OJ Wheels
Enjoy over two and a half minutes of fresh off the press clips from Freddy for OJ wheels.
Happy Hour's "Billy Cruiser" Commercial
Happy Hours Billy Cruiser Commercial
Taylor Smith sets up a new cruiser board and heads for the beach in this commercial from Happy Hour.
Jay Adams Master Crafted V2
Jay Adams Master Crafted V2
The second colorway of Jay Adam's mastercraft deck from Z-Flex is now available. Proceeds from the sales of Jay's board go to benefit his family. 
Matt Reason's "Keys" Deck Reissue
Matt Reasons Keys Deck Reissue
In honor of Matt ReasonÂ’s contributions to skateboarding and in celebration of his life, Zoo York is proud to release the Keys Tribute Deck and a limited edition print.
Motivation 2: The Chris Cole Story Trailer
Motivation 2: The Chris Cole Story Trailer
Check out the official trailer for the Chris Cole documentary coming out next month.
Nik Stipanovic for Pass-Port
Nik Stipanovic for Pass-Port
Nik Stipanovic comes through with a sick part for his introduction to Pass-Port. Watch it here.
Cyril Jackson's "Notorious Cyril Killa" Part
Cyril Jacksons Notorious Cyril Killa Part
This video part feels like a dozen open-handed slaps to the face. Hammer after hammer gets dropped, and all the Baker homies come thru with a guest trick to boot. Boom!
Josh Borden's "Slash N Bash" Video
Josh Bordens Slash N Bash Video
Before jumping to the pro ranks, Borden dismantled a backyard pond while our videographers got up close and personal.
Josh Borden's Surprise Party
Josh Bordens Surprise Party
A heavy crew assembled at Omar Hassan's backyard bowl to surprise Josh Borden on Saturday.
BFFS: Flip Team Visiting Tom Penny
BFFS: Flip Team Visiting Tom Penny
The Flip team visits Tom Penny in France in 1999, bringing along a young Bastien Salabanzi for the first time. This episode is just too epic.
Indy's "F#ck The Rest Northwest Tour" Part 4
Indys F#ck The Rest Northwest Tour Part 4
The crew kicks things off at an epic indoor pond before laying waste to more terrain in today's series finale. 
Dakota Servold's "True Blue Retrospect" Video
Dakota Servolds True Blue Retrospect Video
Nothing worth a damn comes easy. Dakota endures plenty of pain before making it to the promised land.
Dirty Fences Tour Europe May 06
5.9 Death Blow Out Providence, RI May 09
Kanis Bash Little Rock, AR May 09
Spring Break Yo Self Saugerties, NY May 30
740TH1213PC1.jpgIn This Issue
Jack Fardell takes the May 2015 front with a 50-50 down a Holy Grail of an SF rail. Gilbert Crockett sits down and talks Mother; Spanky walks us through his pro-to-flow-to-pro journey; Brixton navigates the language barrier in Puerto Rico; Chris Pfanner gets grilled; Indy gets high on the 5, sparking the Northwest; Anti Hero goes the road less traveled and journeys to Israel and Cliché gets down and dirty working on their Gypsy Life video.
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