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Bust or Bail 2: Clipper Pre-Game Interviews
Bust or Bail 2: Clipper Pre-Game Interviews
The pros and the bros talk Clipper faves and make predictions.
Burnout: Clipped!
Burnout: Clipped!
Bust or Bail 2 hit Clipper last Sunday. Check the photos before we drop the big videos!
SKATELINE: 05.26.2015
SKATELINE: 05.26.2015
Chris Cole on Plan B, Kilian Martin goes to the desert, Tom Asta on Santa Cruz, Chris Joslin and more in today's episode of Skateline.
Classics: Doug Smith's "Public Domain" Part
Classics: Doug Smiths Public Domain Part
Jason Dill introduces this part and he makes a great point: if you're a certain age you'll know every second of this clip and every lyric in the song. Here's Doug in the 1988 Powell-Peralta video.
Loveletters to Skateboarding: Rant and Rave
Loveletters to Skateboarding: Rant and Rave
Grosso sets the record straight (sort of), burns a few bridges, and calls it like he sees it.
Fallen's "Jamie Thomas Spirit" Commercial
Fallens Jamie Thomas Spirit Commercial
Jamie Thomas introduces his new signature shoe from Fallen with this rad commercial.
Willow the Winter Warrior
Willow the Winter Warrior
Etnies just released a new edit of Willow to accompany his signature colorway of the Etnies Marana Vulc. Watch it here.
BFFS: Vert Ramp Sessions
BFFS: Vert Ramp Sessions
The number of hard-to-comprehend tricks in this edit is extensive. Prepare to rewind.
Dustin Dollin's "Propeller" RAW FILES
Dustin Dollins Propeller RAW FILES
You can't kill Spawn. He takes the hits and gets back up for more. These RAW FILES feature some heavy makes and even heavier slams.
Sean Conover's "Thin Lips and Ginger Snaps" Part
Sean Conovers Thin Lips and Ginger Snaps Part
Call it Creature-tech: he can flip in and he can flip out, but mostly Sean just charges forward, destroying every spot in his path.
Gnarhunters Pop Up Shop
Gnarhunters Pop Up Shop
Come share in seasonal affective disorder with your peers this Thursday at Aqua surf shop. There will be beer, food, and many giveaways.
Daniel Dubois' "19th Ave" Part
Daniel Dubois 19th Ave Part
Hailing from the eastern region of the Bay Area, in a zone affectionately known as Duffeland, comes an absolute maniac by the name of Daniel DuBois. Enjoy this barrage of hammers...
Alex Conn's "19th Ave" Part
Alex Conns 19th Ave Part
A laid-back style with a switch flip to die for, Alex Conn comes through with a killer first part in the "19th Avenue" video. 
Tony Trujillo's "Propeller" RAW FILES
Tony Trujillos Propeller RAW FILES
Tony embodies SKATE AND DESTROY, and these Vans "Propeller" RAW FILES are further proof.
Hot Spot: Kelvin Hoefler
Hot Spot: Kelvin Hoefler
Kelvin gives this rail a thorough beatdown, and barely breaks a sweat in the process.
John Shanahan's "J3T" part
John Shanahans J3T part
John adds up style, spots, and trick selection in this ripping video part for Homebase Skateshop in Bethlehem, PA.
Gnarhunters Pop Up Shop SF, CA May 28
Respect Your Roots San Francisco, CA May 30
Spring Break Yo Self Saugerties, NY May 30
Stay Flared USA May 31
740TH1213PC1.jpgIn This Issue
Daniel Lutheran gaps out to the June '15 cover with a dead-eye over-the-back 50-50 down a 20 set. And there's plenty more Propeller partying inside, including full-length Dan-Lu and Elijah Berle interviews. Hockey homies John Fitzgerald and Donovon Piscopo throw down off the ice. Corey Glick demonstrates his Lunatic flick. Volcom hits the highway en route to Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest. Josh Borden talks about his am-to-pro bump; the Bones Swiss team (well, not all of them) set their sights on the motherland and a full recap of this year's Thrasher/Converse Death Match at SXSW.
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