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Magnified: Manny Santiago
Magnified: Manny Santiago
Manny works his way up to a gnarly varial heel 50-50 and stokes some kids out.
Plan B's "True" Premiere Photos
Plan Bs True Premiere Photos
The wait is over! Last night the Plan B video "True" premiered in Hollywood at the Montalban theater. Check out some photos here.
WTC: Todd Bratrud's Craziest Graphics
WTC: Todd Bratruds Craziest Graphics
I hit up Bratrud to see what he thought his five edgiest graphics are. Spoiler alert: Skull Fuck.
Shake Junt's "Skate Tank" part 1 of 3
Shake Junts Skate Tank part 1 of 3
Only the Shake Junt family can make a skate van take on a life of its own. Get it straight though, this is a hardcore edit of amazing skating. The Boss gets this started and Theotis wraps it up, with epic guests in between. More to come!
Zack Wallin for Matix
Zack Wallin for Matix
Zack is no stranger to the hard work and effort needed to put together an amazing video part, as seen in this short video from Matix.
Hall Of Meat: Shorty Lives
Hall Of Meat: Shorty Lives
Thanksgiving came early for Shorty as he walked away from this sui-slide solution...
Blue Headey's "Theatrix" part
Blue Headeys Theatrix part
Here's an edit of steady street hammers from a ripping new blood.
Manny Santiago's "Pound For Pound" part
Manny Santiagos Pound For Pound part
You already know that Manny has a handle on them bars, but there are some serious knockout blows in this part, including a face-melting ender. 
Thrasher Vacation: Yardsale
Thrasher Vacation: Yardsale
Well, fun in the sun never hurt so good. Thanks for all of the cold ones and gnar concrete. Who's next? Where?
Shake Junt's "Skate Tank" teaser
Shake Junts Skate Tank teaser
This is gonna be awesome. Three part Shake Junt video starting next Monday. Get in the tank or get rolled on. 
Supra's Holiday Party
Supras Holiday Party
This year Supra footwear decided to take their holiday party back to it's roots with an all-star cast of friends and family.
Manny's "Pound for Pound" Premiere Photos
Mannys Pound for Pound Premiere Photos
Manny dropped his part on the website today but last night he had a little celebration/premiere in Hollywood for friends.
Jamie Thomas' Signature Denim
Jamie Thomas Signature Denim
Check out this video of Jamie Thomas talking about making his new denim from Active.
Double Rock: DC
Double Rock: DC
T-Funk sets it off, Evan Smith brings it home, but the ripping in between ain't nothing to sleep on.
Thrasher Vacation: Spain
Thrasher Vacation: Spain
With a squad this insane, anywhere P-Stone pointed his camera he was stacking clips with some of the best concrete destroyers in the world. Here they lay siege to Spain terrain.
Hall Of Meat: Manny Santiago
Hall Of Meat: Manny Santiago
A round rail with a kink-drop is a "spot" to only a handful of people, including Manny. Note the quick hand adjustment to prevent this from being even worse.
DGK in Mexico Tijuana, Mexico Nov 22
Bro Style Demo Upland,CA Nov 22
DC Signing Oxnard, CA Nov 22
740TH1213PC1.jpgIn This Issue
Louie Barletta scrapes some vert and Ben Raemers goes past the plane welcoming you to the December issue. The Oververt madness only escalates with a 26-page Enjoi video feature inside, including a Barletta interview, fun facts, new team-rider introductions and even a drinking game. Chug-a-lug. And that's just the tip of the blade: Bastien Salabanzi interviews Manny Santiago; LRG plunges into Cyprus; Hellride travels across the pond; and the Huf team explores Asia. And if the heavy hits leave you looking for some levity, Garrett Hill discusses his infamous two-tone pants and Beagle tells some tales of the Skate Tank. Done deal, dudes.
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