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Escapist x Krooked: KC City Racers
Escapist x Krooked: KC City Racers
The Krooked team heads to Kansas City for the Gonz City Racer Art Show with special guest Sean Malto. 
Classics: Kareem Campbell's "Trilogy" Part
Classics: Kareem Campbells Trilogy Part
Kareem had one of the great, effortless snaps of all time and is a godfather of smooth street style. Here's a classic part from the 1996 Trilogy vid picked by none other than Tom Penny.
SKATELINE: 09.16.2014
SKATELINE: 09.16.2014
Cory Kennedy, Greyson Fletcher, Chad Muska, Joyride, Blind x2 and more on today's episode of Skateline.
Hall Of Meat: John Pankus
Hall Of Meat: John Pankus
This is one of those slams where the pain actually transmits through your screen. No mercy and no lucky break here, this is a direct hit.
Matix's "Ditch Days"
Matixs Ditch Days
Turkey and Chase Stopnik take their Matix denim through their daily routine from the garage to a ditch. Watch the clip here.
Nick Tucker Switch Flippin'
Nick Tucker Switch Flippin
Nick Tucker gets a clean switch flip in Florida in this clip from Supra.
Day of the Shred Line-Up
Day of the Shred Line-Up
Gathering the living to raise the dead. Check out this heavy line-up.
Independent Eric Dressen Collection
Independent Eric Dressen Collection
Eric Dressen talk about his inspiration for the artwork behind his new line of clothing, trucks and accessories for Independent.
Firing Line: Dee Ostrander
Firing Line: Dee Ostrander
Dee navigates a narrow path and gets a couple of tricks in before he launches himself.
BFFS: Arto's Injury
BFFS: Artos Injury
Putting the pain in Spain, here's Arto coping with a brutal foot injury in a foreign land.
Gilbert Crockett's "Darlin' Please" Part
Gilbert Crocketts Darlin Please Part
Gilbert Crockett spent the last two months back home in Richmond and banged out this new part for Venue Skateshop.
Blind's "X2 Vision" Trailer 2
Blinds X2 Vision Trailer 2
Blind's "X2 Vision" DVD is out in local skateshops and on the iTunes store. Watch this trailer and get it.
Hufnagel 2 Giveaway
Hufnagel 2 Giveaway
Huf is giving away some shoes through their Facebook page. Enter to win here.
Sergio Ledezma's "Inspire" Part
Sergio Ledezmas Inspire Part
Sergio Ledezma is putting it down out in Texas. Check out his video part for Fast Forward skateshop.
Tyshawn Jones on Adidas
Tyshawn Jones on Adidas
Adidas Skateboarding is proud to introduce Tyshawn Jones as one of their new ams.
Bru Ray's "Relapse Of Luxury" Yardsale
Bru Rays Relapse Of Luxury Yardsale
It was one of the heaviest road crews of all time. And with the hardcore edits finished, here's some of the more loose and fun outtakes. What a trip, thanks everyone.
Destroy the Terrordome Riverside, CA Sep 20
Hangtown Massacre IV Placerville, CA Sep 28
Larb Fest San Diego, CA Oct 11
Day of the Shred Santa Ana, CA Nov 01
740TH1213PC1.jpgIn This Issue
Miles Silvas kickflip back tails his way onto the October cover and continues his campaign of carnage with a 14-page interview inside. Asphalt Yacht Club goes full-on conspiracy theory in Denver; Supra crushes the cobblestone in the UK and Cory Kennedy and company hit the dirt on a Hellride through the Pacific Northwest. Turn on, tune out, drop in. Add this one to your collection.