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Flo Mirtain's "Home Alone" Teaser
Flo Mirtains Home Alone Teaser
Cliché is known for board-control rulers skating on amazing European terrain. This Monday a full part drops from one of their underground rippers.
Five Sequences: October 24, 2014
Five Sequences: October 24, 2014
We rounded up five sequences of Enjoi riders Louie Barletta, Ben Raemers, Blue Turner, Nestor Judkins, and Wieger to get you hyped for Oververt.
Enjoi's "Oververt" Premiere Photos
Enjois Oververt Premiere Photos
Joe Brook jumped in the RV with the Enjoi crew for the "Oververt" premiere. Check out some photos from the night here.
DC's "Matt Miller Shoe" Part
DCs Matt Miller Shoe Part
Sit back and enjoy the technical wizardry and massive pop in this video part introducing his signature shoe from DC.
More Control 8 Days a Week
More Control 8 Days a Week
Check out Marc Johnson’s "More Control 8 Days a Week" and Thunder ad for his new truck.
Kill Tapes: Lizard King's Ollie
Kill Tapes: Lizard Kings Ollie
He's known for his unique and creative approach to skating spots but sometimes Lizard just goes buck and takes the drop. This one is heartbreaking.
"Giddy Up" Teaser
Giddy Up Teaser
"I'm out there Jerry.. and I'm lovin' every minute of it." –Cosmo Kramer
Firing Line: Gavin Nolan
Firing Line: Gavin Nolan
When it's a two-trick line you know one of them in particular will be magic. Here's some precision ledge work.
Hall of Meat: Auby Taylor
Hall of Meat: Auby Taylor
When you are so focused on getting your trick it can be easy to overlook the safety of your janky set-up ramp. Auby gets sucker punched.
Mason Merlino for Brixton
Mason Merlino for Brixton
Brixton has a rad edit of their flow rider, Mason Merlino. Check it out.
Behind Danny DiCola's Vox ad
Behind Danny DiColas Vox ad
Vox takes you behind the scenes of Danny DiCola's ad in our November 2014 issue.
Z-Flex Rough Cut
Z-Flex Rough Cut
Z-Flex just put out a short video of small parts from each of their new team riders. Watch it here.
New from Huf
New from Huf
Check out the new Huf lookbook, featuring their holiday 2014 footwear and apparel collection.
Eric Dressen Santa Cruz Giveaway
Eric Dressen Santa Cruz Giveaway
In honor of Eric Dressen’s new “Arana” board, Santa Cruz is giving one away to a lucky winner. Enter here.
"Auby's World" Video Part
Aubys World Video Part
This is one of the surprise video parts of the year. Auby Taylor is a true ledge wizard but as this part progresses the tricks and spots just keep getting gnarlier. Epic part, epic dude. You gotta watch this.
Zero's "NO CA$H VALUE" Teaser
Zeros NO CA$H VALUE Teaser
Zero is working on a new video project called "NO CA$H VALUE". They're dropping a full part on our site every 60 days and this is a teaser for the Opening Montage / Vol 1 that goes up on Friday.
Art x Sk8 Marin, CA Oct 25
Rheumatic Hard Core Session Brazil Oct 25
Resurrection in Ramona Ramona, CA Oct 25
Toy Machine Halloween Demo Long Beach, CA Oct 25
A Skatemare on 7th Street Wilmington, DE Oct 25
Day of the Shred Santa Ana, CA Nov 01
Skate for the Goat Hartford, CT Nov 02
740TH1213PC1.jpgIn This Issue
Cover boy Jeremy Leabres front blunts through the kink and slides through a 16-page jaw dropper of an interview. Ben Raemers backs it up with a 12-page interview which leaves no doubt that he's one of our country's most valuable imports. GX1000 scrubs away at London; Volcom crushes some cobblestone in Portugal and Vans sends some notes from their video base camp. Fall may be coming but this issue is gonna lift your spirits, kid.Add this one to your collection.