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King of the Road 2015: Meet the Mystery Guests
King of the Road 2015: Meet the Mystery Guests
Blast-from-the-past is this year's theme and these ex-associates are some of the heaviest guests to ever jump in the van. Who's gonna push their team to victory? Watch this!
Anti Hero's "What's Up Monkey?" Part 2
Anti Heros Whats Up Monkey? Part 2
Hit the ground runnin'...
Magnified: Emmanuel Guzman
Magnified: Emmanuel Guzman
A rough, downhill landing, an angry property manager, and one hell of a sick gap. Emmanuel has a history of memorable clips like this. As seen in the October 2015 issue.
Santa Cruz's "East Coast Tour" Teaser
Santa Cruzs East Coast Tour Teaser
Santa Cruz has deep West Coast roots (obviously), but this squad will skate anywhere, anytime. They just had an epic summer trip out East. Premiering here this Friday.
Anti-Hero's "What's Up Monkey?" Part 1
Anti-Heros Whats Up Monkey? Part 1
And away we go...
SKATELINE: 09.01.2015
SKATELINE: 09.01.2015
Ryan Sheckler in Justin Bieber's new video, PJ Ladd, Guy Mariano challenge, drop-in fail, and more in today's episode of Skateline.
Classics: John Cardiel's "Cash Money Vagrant" part
Classics: John Cardiels Cash Money Vagrant part
Eman introduces one of OUR own personal favorites. Cardiel destroys like no other. All Hail!
Lost in Transition: The Ranch Ramp
Lost in Transition: The Ranch Ramp
Thomas Taylor was a hot shoe in the early '80s. He was lucky enough to have a video camera and documented some of the best skating in the South. RIP Blaize Blouin.
New from Anti-Hero
New from Anti-Hero
The newest Fall catalog from Anti-Hero just went live including the Four Horsemen, French Fried Eyeballs, Vagrant History, Grosso the fattest pigeon and more.
adidas' "Superstar ADV" Video
adidas Superstar ADV Video
The freshest adidas ambassadors carry a '90s skateboarding staple into the present.
Vote "Skater Dater"
Vote Skater Dater
Head over to the vote Skater Dater site to vote them into the National Film Registry.
Tom Karangelov's "Hi-Tide" Part
Tom Karangelovs Hi-Tide Part
Tom K crawls more walls than Spiderman. This is a great part, and it’s shot really well too. Enjoy...
Ben Woosley's "Hi-Tide" Part
Ben Woosleys Hi-Tide Part
The opening ho-ho indicates this is not an ordinary part and the rest of the video confirms it. This guy fully rips and has a wild bag of tricks. The filming is unique, too. As seen in the full-length vid "Hi-Tide."
Anti-Hero's "What's Up Monkey?" Teaser
Anti-Heros Whats Up Monkey? Teaser
Anti-Hero in Europe with our man Bru-Ray behind the lens. What more could you ask for? Four-part series starts tomorrow, monkey. 
Skate Books We'd Like To See
Skate Books Wed Like To See
We crank out a magazine every month and feed the internet every day but now we're branching into hardcover books. Here are some future bestsellers we'll be publishing soon. As seen in the September 2015 mag.
Firing Line: Jake Hayes
Firing Line: Jake Hayes
A plaza at a slight downhill with two ledges means no pushing and plenty of fun.
Travesura SF, CA Aug 28
Our Life Premiere Oakland, CA Aug 28
740TH1213PC1.jpgIn This Issue
Two covers heating it up this month: Raven Tershy nose grabbing a back tail way over vert at FDR and Figgy getting crooked down a 24-stair monster. Tons more Stay Flared tour highlights inside, 20 pages if you're counting. Other travel tales include an epic Dubai mission for We Are Blood and the Asphalt Yacht Club voyages to Hawaii. Tom K and Frank Shaw both get the Heads treatment and music-wise we got interviews with Morrissey and Slayer, so that's worth the admission price alone.
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