Junk Drawer
  • Öctagon's "Meta" Video

    Öctagon's "Meta" Video
    With speedy lines, an artsy approach and enough slappies and wallrides to satisfy the saltiest street aficionado, The Öctagon crew makes Euro skating look fun as hell. Early grab crooked grind a handrail? Oh la vache!
  • Weakdays: Sand Gaps

    Weakdays: Sand Gaps
    Just like Natas but only 30 years later...
  • SKATELINE: 12.06.2016

    SKATELINE: 12.06.2016
    Mango's "Dr. Scarecrow" part, Powell's waterproof and unbreakable boards, Jake Johnson footy and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Bru-Ray: Left is Right, Right is Left

    Bru-Ray: Left is Right, Right is Left
    A Heavy crew touched down in Athens, consisting of Phelps, Pfanner, Daan, Partaix, Doobie, Davey, Guammaz and Paco. Ditches, pipes and street shrapnel got dismantled and plenty of Ouzo flowed. Greece rules. Cheers!
  • NUMBERS - est 12:45

    NUMBERS - est 12:45
    Koston x Silvas x Mariano x Durao x TX
  • New Balance x Lost Art Epic TR

    New Balance x Lost Art Epic TR
    Lost Art unveils a unique and vibrant iteration of New Balance’s Epic-TR silhouette.
  • SOTY 2016: Kyle Walker

    SOTY 2016: Kyle Walker
    We bronzed Ernie Torres and sent him off to deliver the ultimate surprise. Congratulations, Kyle Walker! From Real’s “Surveillance” vids to Holy Stokes to the recent Vans part, K-Walks put it down like a champ all year!
  • Jose Rojo's "Super Chavela" Part

    Jose Rojo's "Super Chavela" Part
    Joe Red coasts from spot to spot with timeless style and pinpoint trick selection. Homie just looks proper on a skateboard. This part is a fun watch. Enjoi...
  • Öctagon's "Meta" Trailer

    Öctagon's "Meta" Trailer
    Don't let the ominous tunes fool you; Öctagon's Meta vid is a celebratory glimpse into modern-day Euro street shredding. Video premieres here on Wednesday. Sensationnel!
  • Reggie Destin Memorial Time Trials/Carve Contest

    Reggie Destin Memorial Time Trials/Carve Contest
    Last Saturday was The Donuthill Project's 5th annual Reggie Destin Memorial Time Trials and Carve Contest. Thanks to all who participated and helped support this fun event celebrating the life of a fallen friend.
In The Mag
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Two fronts this month: a memorial cover to the late, great Dylan Rieder and a two-story kickflip by 2016 SOTY, Kyle Walker. There's a full Rieder tribute in the mag with stellar photos and quotes from those who were closest to him. Rip in Peace, Dylan. Upfront we've got a jawdropper of a Lunatic Fringe with Tyson Peterson (if you don't know the name, that's about to change, son!). On the travel tip, Bronson set off on an inaugural barge through the South, Vans hits Greece and Burnett brings you the behind-the-scenes scoop from Vans' No Other Way vid, featuring full parts from K-Walks and Elijah Berle. Speaking of Berle, he's got a full interview in this mag too. Wait, not done yet: Dane Burman has a featured interview as does vert legend Bucky Lasek! Over 200 pages of gnar—cover to cover. Get it or die crying.