Alex Olson Interview

Alex Olson Interview

by The Messageboarders

Alex, what was the best industry advice your pops gave you when it was apparent you’d be skating for a living?
“Make sure you don’t get ripped off.”

Since you’re more of an “in the moment” type of guy, what’s your take on Reality TV? Would you ever consider participating in one of those shows?
Sure, why not?

When did you stop being Alex Parker (the Toy Machine and Baker kid) and start being Alex Olson (the care-free, bad boy mix between Julien Stranger and Stereo-era Ethan Fowler) ?
I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m a bad boy. I stopped being Alex Parker ’cause I just got called Olson.

Explain a typical day in the life of Jason Dill when you were staying with him in NY.
Go to the diner to get a grilled cheese, fries, and a coffee. Then he’d get on the MySpace and clock in a good six to seven hours on it. So it would get dark, then he’d go eat again and walk over to the hole and spend the whole night there. Wake up and do it all over again.

Alex Olson Interview
When you see a speedy Olson coming out of a back smith, you best get the fuck out the way. Photo: Colen

Last song you remember hearing on your personal listening device?
Some electronic shit.

Worst part about LA?
Fake people.

Best part about NY?
Food and girls.

Compare the Beauty and the Beast tour to the Indy tour.
There will be another Indy trip, and there won’t be another Anti-Hero/Girl trip.

Varial flip in the ditch... Got it! Seq: Colen

How did you end up skating to King Diamond? Awesome pick!
I talked to my friend about it before I even got on Lakai, about how no one has really used him. I’m also a big fan, so two and two went together.

What’s the story with you and the Olsen twins?
There isn’t a story; she’s my boo and that’s it! Just fucking around. I don’t really know her.

How much time do you spend on the Internet? Favorite sites?
That’s easy—it’s a music blog site called

Do you read comments? What do you think of messageboards and comments in general?

Alex snaps a healthy ollie into the street. Photo: Colen

Facebook or MySpace?
Facebook. MySpace is out, but it’s still good for music.

If you were going to be stuck on an island for six months, who’s the Girl team rider you would want along to ease your way through, and who would you want along to torture?
BA, ’cause the dude wouldn’t care and he was a line cook. Carroll to torture, but he doesn’t care.

After completing your first full part in a skateboard video, what did you learn from it and what would you do differently the second time around?
It’s fucking a lot of work, and if you don’t put your all into it you’ll end up hating what you put out—or just wish you had tried harder.

Alex Olson Interview
How about a big ol' backside ollie? Photo: Colen

Has filming started for the next Chocolate video?
I guess the monster is coming.

Who has the best style in skateboarding? If that’s too hard, give a top 5.
Gino, Gonz, Julien, Phil Shao, AVE, Oster, Hosoi, BA, Cardiel, Kenny Anderson, Carroll, Sheffey, Drehobl, Heath…and the list keeps going.

List your sponsors, and tell us what motivates you to ride for each company.
Girl, because everybody respects them. Vans, because they’re the first skate shoe company. Quiksilver; I like surfing and respect the whole surf team. Spitfire, because all the other wheels I don’t like. And Indy—everybody knows why.

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