Antihero's "The Body Corporate" Premiere Photos

Skateboarding is more than just rolling around on four wheels, it’s a way of life. For many skaters, it’s the only way. Antihero embodies this mantra and their tour articles and videos are always much more than tailslides and grinds. There’s a real human element to the videos, real life struggles of living on the road and how skateboarding brings us all together. From the crew that brought you Tent City over a decade ago, Six Stair productions was on the tour again and this time they headed to New Zealand. Not just documenting what went down but to live and skate with the team for a two week journey through life. The Body Corporate is the resultant video that accompanies the Reality Breakdown article in the August issue of Thrasher. Here are some photos from the premiere in Los Angeles that took place in the back lot of Six Stair productions. If you are in the Bay Area, catch tonight’s premiere at Lower Bobs and tomorrow night they will be showing at Burnside in Portland, then Marginal Way in Seattle. No guest lists, no tickets, just show up and enjoy the show. —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxThe alley behind Six Stair Productions on Fairfax

02 750pxBino, on the road

03 750pxOld guys always arrive early

04 750pxGrosso working the merch table

05 750pxLotta history inside the Six Stair studios

06 750pxBuddy and Rick in the editing bay

07 750pxRick pulls a binder from the shelves

08 750pxThe first issue of the mag, January 1981!

09 750pxSigned Strople cover, February 1981!

10 750pxWes Lott found the cover of the month and year he was born, October 1983

11 750pxPuker and Pat Clarke. Who’s Puker?

12 750pxBack outside Frank Gerwer, Lance Mountain and Peter Hewitt. Lance always smells nice

13 750pxLizzie Armanto and her brother Max

14 750pxAustin Kanfoush, Raney Beres, and Bino tailgating

15 750pxHair farmers, Erik Bragg and Nuge

16 750pxShowtime

17 750pxThe parking lot was full

18 750pxGuess who killed it? Russo claims best trip of his life!

19 750pxBuddy tearing down the set before the neighbors complain

20 750pxShota Kubo and Ron Chatman

21 750pxWoah, don’t get frisked Ron

22 750pxOlson rallies the troops, “Let’s take this over to Kibitz.”

23 750pxLegendary Kibitz room on Fairfax

24 750pxBeard farmers, Dave Carnie and Erik Bragg

25 750pxRaney Beres and Austin Kanfoush, rehydrating

26 750pxJason Landau on the wagon, “Does this even work?”

27 750pxJosh Landau of The Shrine and the band Easy warmed up the crowd with an acoustic set

28 750pxThen it was time for Rat Shit featuring Charno on drums along with Chris Blauvelt on vocal and guitar

29 750pxLarry, into the pit

30 750pxHewitt obligatory signing

31 750pxBlauvelt grinding

32 750pxWhile his wife Jamie handles the rhythm on bass

33 750px...and then it was all a blur
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