Burnout: A'ala


Onward to classic 'crete, Hawaii Gone Coconuts.

Burnout: A'ala
Every drive is a postcard.

Burnout: A'ala
Aha! The epic terrain of A'ala Park!

Burnout: A'ala
Seems like only yesterday ... the year was 1986.
Burnout: A'ala
This sequence of Hosoi was confounding to say the least.
Burnout: A'ala
I think this is where the cult of calling frontside sliders 'flash 'n rolls' began. But I digress.

Ok, back to the action.

Burnout: A'ala
Velodrome style with 3/4 kickback.

Burnout: A'ala
Pedro took to it right away.

Burnout: A'ala
A sort of bash and float approach, I guess.

Burnout: A'ala
Our sherpa, Kyle, was killing it!

Burnout: A'ala
Overpick. Wicked 808 style!

Burnout: A'ala

Burnout: A'ala

Burnout: A'ala
Spider pressed blunt to chainlink. He'd been there before.

Burnout: A'ala

Burnout: A'ala

Burnout: A'ala
BK air over the fence. Wow.

Burnout: A'ala
Almost got landed on a few times to get this one-footer.

Burnout: A'ala

Burnout: A'ala
Heatin' up. Only one cure for that.

Burnout: A'ala
Ah, the ol' plate lunch.

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