Burnout: Alternate Universe

Burnout checks in from the realm of the alternate angle.

For every photo that runs in the mag, there are thousands of alternate angles, outtakes and fuck-ups that live in the shadowy realm of the hard drive.

Burnout: Alternate Universe

The fisheye of Andrew's switch blunt. I like the gate angle better, for some reason.

Burnout: Alternate Universe
This was the week I shot three photos within a block of my house. Hatchell is a nut job.

Burnout: Alternate Universe
When do you shoot a multi-kink? At the top, to show the danger, or at the bottom to show the finale?

Burnout: Alternate Universe
Subhumans outtakes. Sinclair looks scared in this one.

Burnout: Alternate Universe
Everyone's favorite little brother, Andrew Lutheran.

Burnout: Alternate Universe
Collin skies it without the crowd (or Leo's ass.)

Burnout: Alternate Universe
Frontside 360 in El Paso.

Burnout: Alternate Universe
Butcher chopped it with a backside flip. Always solid.

Burnout: Alternate Universe
If there's air to be caught, J Lay's gonna be the first one up on it.

Burnout: Alternate Universe
Diego, frontside biggie. No biggie.

Burnout: Alternate Universe
This was one of those, 'you hadda be there,' feats.

Burnout: Alternate Universe
Long lens of Lutheran vs the dirt. Fish showed the mountains.

Burnout: Alternate Universe
Hardest part of shooting Collin is getting a shot where the wig is out of his face.

Burnout: Alternate Universe
Hobo's view of Jordan's nose blunt.

Burnout: Alternate Universe
And then the Blooper reel. Do they still call them that? Bloopers?

  • Burnout: Atlanta Slamma

    Burnout: Atlanta Slamma
    We've dreamed of doing a Bust or Bail at the Atlanta 5 block for years. Watch the video five times and then relive it again… in photo form!
  • Burnout: Tha Docks

    Burnout: Tha Docks
    The SOTY Down Unda crew sparks a sesh at the infamous Five Docks park. Remember when street skaters could barely grind a bowl?
  • Burnout: Sydney Sunday

    Burnout: Sydney Sunday
    Unlike in the USA, downtown is still a go on the Lord's day Down Under. Pilz, Louie, Chima, Ishod, Na-kel and the boys take full advantage. Amen!
  • Burnout: Just There

    Burnout: Just There
    The SOTY Down Unda crew hits the downtown Sydney streets, ending with an epic sesh/dance party at good ol' Martin Place.
  • Burnout: Lizzie's Pro!

    Burnout: Lizzie's Pro!
    Teammates, legends and bros converge at the local ramp to surprise Lizzie Armanto with her spankin' new Thrasher cover and first Birdhouse pro model. How sweet it is!
  • Burnout: Pinch vs Wedge

    Burnout: Pinch vs Wedge
    The SOTY Down Unda crew fires it up, only to get stymied by a human skatestopper. Ishod skids big and Kwalks snags the cover.
  • Burnout: A Little Vert

    Burnout: A Little Vert
    Legends, tykes and lurkers alike – who doesn't love an '80s sized vert ramp?
  • Burnout: No Way!

    Burnout: No Way!
    Vans' surprise end-of-the-year video "No Other Way" starring Kyle Walker, Elijah Berle and the rest of the Waffle Squad premiered at Black Hollywood Wednesday – the perfect Turkey Day pre-party. 
  • Burnout: No Bucks Given

    Burnout: No Bucks Given
    Chief and the boys premiered the latest installment of their popular No Cash Value series, this one starring Dane, Brockman and Windsor. 
  • Burnout: Hot Doggin'

    Burnout: Hot Doggin'
    Elliot Sloan had a vert jam at his house in Vista because, as you know, Vista still rips.