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Brain Washed

Toy Machine Brain Wash premier.

Posted: October 27, 2010

Diego with some parking lot bartending.

Roberto mans up on the Fernet and Coke. The rest was stowed inside his gigantic jacket.

Grif and his girl romanticate out front.

Inside, everyone was there ....

Matt B and the Corona OGs ...

Long Beach affiliates ...

my friends from the limo ...

Ruszyk, Lannzyk and Marquisezyk

a relaxed Karpinski with OK City's The Nuge ...

the John Laytons, Yeah, Johnny!

Breakout star, Jordan Taylor with Myrho and his brother ...

Brly Mike with our guy, Tim, and Foundations' Elijah Berle ...

bros, both short and tall ...

Jay and Matt ...

El Duderino, if you're into the whole brevity thing ...

the East Coast's Xeno, with a Bud fan ...

upstarts ...

'Put me up on Transworld!' this kid kept screaming at me.

Ben and Miner anticipate the carnage to come.

Layton and his child bride.

And then .... the director and his star - Kevin Barnett and Leo

Insert 80s action-movie quote here.

Shhh-shhh ....

Another clutch performance.

Stunning, really.

Brains, sufficiently washed. Nice work, bros.

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