Burnout: Cleveland Reunion

Friends and family reunite to watch the Vans crew shred Cleveland a new Trumphole.

20160718 0100K Walks and the flow team, bumper-to-bumper talent right here

20160718 0101A mother's embrace. Cody Green's family drove up to surprise him

20160718 0102You could see the shock on his face

20160718 0103Solid crew, the Greens!

20160718 0104Meanwhile, at the West Side stop, Dan Lu meets the new generation

20160718 0105Oh yeah!

20160718 0106The family that Thrashes together…

20160718 0107We had a great time trading Cody stories with Mrs. Green

20160718 0108She knew all about us

20160718 0109And then another surprise – Justin Henry's family rolled through. Ohio proud!

20160718 0110Back at the van, pre-demo jitters

20160718 0111Goddamn right

20160718 0112Nah girl, you're ok

20160718 0113Hello Cleveland!

20160718 0114Hot as balls

20160718 0115The locals were charging hard

20160718 0116K Walks kicks it off with some banksmanship

20160718 0117Product toss started early

20160718 0118Mad heads

20160718 0119Noseblunt on the Jersey barrier by a local heavy

20160718 0120Glick!

20160718 0121Channel/spine hop

20160718 0122Glickflip!

20160718 0123K Walks can do perfect Muska flips on call

20160718 0124After unloading the van, J Lay unloaded this monster aerial attack. GD right he's still got it!

20160718 0125Tyson made easy work of the harsh hip

20160718 0126As did Glick, fakie frontside-wise

20160718 0127Dan Lu all double pits to bluntsy

20160718 0128Dill with some casual manualing

20160718 0129Locals, shredding

20160718 0130Justin put on a heck of a show for the folks. Full-speed NBS

20160718 0131Gotta be the shoe! BSTSBSKF!

20160718 0132Let's meet these locals: adorable his 'n' hers hairstyles ...

20160718 0133Ultimate alternative wavers ...

20160718 0134Sorry homie, just thought that reaper was looking at me

20160718 0135Lee Ralph fans...

20160718 0136'I've learned all this can teach me …'

20160718 0137Ironic T-sters...

20160718 0138DFLers. Jake owes this dude a box, he told me

20160718 0139Dan Lu doppelgangers – more on this later

20160718 0140Song fans. Lots of bros came out

20160718 0141And then the best trick contest!!! K Walks walks that tré flip backwards

20160718 0142Meanwhile, J Lay ain't given up the ghost just yet!

20160718 0143Powerhouse unrivaled. Yew!

20160718 0144Justin with some of that OTB action. Damn straight

20160718 0145Wheeww!

20160718 0146Chima couldn't believe it either

20160718 0147Get a brush you two!

20160718 0148Everyone's minds were largely blown

20160718 0149Yep!

20160718 0150Thanks for coming out!

20160718 0151Best summer ever, right?

20160718 0152Take a picture, it'll last longer

20160718 0153These guys know

20160718 0154And with that, we give a heartfelt adios. Thank you Cleveland!
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