Burnout: Five Years Ago

It's funny how five years can go by so quick. Here's some of my photos from the Feb 2007 issue. That's right kids, a G.D. re-run.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
This wasn't even really a trick for Leo, even back then. Still, a kinker is a kinker.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
It's always a special thing when I can get one of my friends in the mag. Fortunately, Andy Harris' terrain-defying wallride was just cutting edge enough to get him past the censors.

This hole in the ground was so hot at that time, I got severely brow-beaten by one of the industry's master lensman for just showing up. Good thing The Butcher got this frontside 360 quick, allowing me to get out of there before I got pouted to death.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Bad Chad Knight takes his heavyweight ass to fakie in a permission bathtub.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Remember what I said about getting friends in the mag? That goes double for dog balls.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Speaking of the dog's bollocks ...

Burnout: Five Years Ago
This was the trip to Geoff's house article. The first, I could add.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Proof that David and the crail go way back.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Fred was with us, relishing the freedom of the American West.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Late-season snowstorms.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Pinnacle atmos, as Arto would say.

Has the nollie bigspin craze worn off yet? Still, take it to melon (behind an artfully placed bush) and you've got a party.

He waxed his wheels for this. No rules with these kids. None whatsoever.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Zombie with tissue.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
This looks like the worst bed ever, but probably not for Arto. At least he had a pillow ... and pants.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Eating and sleeping at the same time, to conserve precious calories.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Geoff, still in his weasel phase.

Burnout: Five Years Ago


Burnout: Five Years Ago
Grand Canyon buffoonery.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Ever smoked weed out of a gas mask?

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Where the angles never end.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
Another 'dudes taking pictures of dudes taking picture' moment. And this was before Instagram.

Burnout: Five Years Ago
But the writing was on the wall. The video I-Pod had just come out (what they're looking at) and the quick march towards gadget dominance was under way. #fuckyoconversation

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