Burnout: Hello Ladies

Late to the Van Doren Invitational women's comp! Decks lined by the time I got there.

Lizzie, in a jetlagged daze. I thought you were in Germany!

Blazing hot at the beach.

Find some shade, if you can.

Hot trend for 2015: shorts!

Nora skips up the extension, legs fully aired out.

Lizzie works on her invert disaster.

Lil' Thirst almost got that guillotine!

Amelia Brodka of weird crail fame. I warned you this would happen, Amelia. 

Jordyn Barratt, who I skate with at my local park. Rumor has it she's poised to be the first woman to compete in both skateboarding and surfing at the US Open next year. Fingers crossed!

Kisa from Japan, on that padded-up tailslide kit.

Vanessa Torres, back D. Same time next year?

And then Julz Lynn charges in. Such a badass!

Speaking of ...

Poppy, poppin air. Have you seen her TED talk? I know, right?!!

Arianna Carmona, blowing Gale's mind with a proper boneless one.

Nicole did way bigger FSAs than this.

As well as tailboned inverts a la Schroeder!

#weirdcrail  Even Charlie was trippin'.

My new favorite skater of the event - Shanae Collins. So sick!

Full metal.

A little gnar face never hurt a smith!

Lizzie and her press.

Even had her own cheering section.


And then this shredder ... Allysha not only has a lot of tricks, her runs went everywhere.

Solid plants.

Even a bizarro body varial tail grab disaster thingy.

Julz was ripping too. I totally blew it. My goal is to get a Thrasher interview of her before the end of the year.

Corner air, finals time.

Alana Smith also got gypped photowise. Poptart D. Just wait for the video.

Heavy finals.

Nora's kicky grab over the potato was an event highlight for sure.

The press had a field day!

High fives and wait for the results.

'You think Julz got it ?'

A high five from the boss is award enough.

It was anybody's guess.

And in third!

And in first place .... wait for it ...


Congrats Allysha!

Then she laid into a killer riff and we all started dancing. The end. Congrats ladies!

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