Burnout: Island Style

Bouncing back to Hawaii with AYC. Airtime at Aala. Had to!
Homoki gets that Hosoi floater out the o'ervert.

Easing into it.

They used to rollerskate here.

Lawyer, boldly mixing patterns, forsaking buttons.

The Hawk eyes the classic terrain.

After learning his moves on AZ crud, Aala was smooth sailing for The Jaws.

McTwist requests!

Largely unfulfilled.

We settled for the backside 360. A neighbor to the cutting edge, at the very least!

Check the clip! Check the clip!

Da kine over at Rainbow.

Damn Aaron! Slurpy much?

It's never far away ...

Wait for it ....

There we go!

Al describing something cool ... but I'm pretty sure it wasn't our next spot.

Dun-dun-dun ... This thing!

Backside grinded it within minutes!

Smiling as he dismounted.

Not that there weren't tense moments.

Is this a world record? Anybody got the stats on backside 5-0?


And for anyone who thinks that Nyjah is some sort of skate-trick automoton, I offer this moment of human fallibility.

Not the nuts! He needs those!

In perfect working order by the next spot.

Not the whole thing, but still cool.

The style of life ... ongoing with the 'Club.

JC pose at this thing.

D Wrex, 360 flip. I'm sure Larry Schuster would approve.

Anytime is the right time for photos like these. With this crew? Always!

Though it can take some getting used to.

Next time: more ditch!

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