Hammeke brings you this week's 'five' with Marty Murawski, Chris Livingston, Nick Tyrrell, Dallas Rockvam, and Samu Karvonen.

Marty Murawski, frontside half-Cab manual 180 fakie manual

Chris Livingston, shallow-end stairs feeble

Nick Tyrrell, backside noseblunt revert

Dallas Rockvam, wallie boardslide

Samu Karvonen, backside bluntslide
  • "DUET" Art Opening

    "DUET" Art Opening
    DUET, presented by Almost skateboards, Cliché skateboards and HVW8 Gallery, features limited-edition skateboard decks and drawings from internationally-renowned French artists Jean Jullien and Jean André.
  • Samu Karvonen's "Where We Come From" Part

    Samu Karvonen's "Where We Come From" Part
    Quick feet, cat dabs, rewinds and slip and slides—Samu Karvonen's "Where We Come From" part is a feel-good hit of the summer. And that icy ending!
  • San Pedro Shred 4

    San Pedro Shred 4
    The fourth annual San Pedro Shred took place this Sunday celebrating that DIY ethos and all things San Pedro.
  • Samu Karvonen's "Into the Van" Part

    Samu Karvonen's "Into the Van" Part
    Finland has produced its share of rippers, and Samu represents the new wave. Great skating, and plenty of spots you haven’t seen before. Cheers!
  • Welcome's New Pros Party Photos

    Welcome's New Pros Party Photos
    Welcome celebrates Jordan Sanchez and Ryan Lay going pro with their squad in Arizona. Check out some photos here.