King of the Road 2012: Anti-Hero Blog 3

Xeno and the Anti-Hero team pick up Ryan Decenzo and head to Vegas.

Made a stop at Blindside Skateshop in Salt Lake City


Tony tests out some of the new gear

Midway madness

Fiends of old

Enough messing around—it's Mystery Guest time

…And Anti Hero gets… Ryan Decenzo!


Pfanner strengthens his mind

Decenzo wastes no time

And Wolfe keeps the books straight

We always seem to find great parking no matter where we are

This pig can save it 'cause we're heading to Vegas

Long haul ahead…

…So a pit stop or two was in order

Honing in on Vegas

The Baca Family fit right in with the crew

Andy is a piss artist for The 18

The Local law enforcement had this place on lock

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    New from Antihero
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    PHX AM Weekend 2018 Photos
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  • Spitfire Wheels' "Ecuador Hellride" Video

    Spitfire Wheels' "Ecuador Hellride" Video
    Old crusty spots separate the men from the boys. Parque de Carolinas in Quito, Ecuador has been there for 40 years. It ain't going nowhere. I took the best of '97 there and it went off—cops, broads, beers and busting. The next time I went 20 years later, the kids that grew up with the mag wanted some Eccy juice. Took the now dudes and, needless to say, Hellride was on, "Rocky Mountain Way" all the way. —Jake Phelps
  • Hellride: Quito Article

    Hellride: Quito Article
    The last three years I’ve been starting out the year with a trip to South America. Following the Sun in life is a good rule. –Jake Phelps
  • Lower Bob’s P-Stone Invitational Photos

    Lower Bob’s P-Stone Invitational Photos
    Antihero and Thrasher put on an invite-only contest at Lower Bobs to celebrate life of P-Stone. With a cast of characters that P-Stone knew and loved in attendance, the revs were at an all-time high and the skating and hijinx were top shelf. Thanks to everyone for coming out and keeping it PMA! Stone is smiling down, no doubt. —Joe Brook