King Of The Road 2013: Team Profiles


Which team is going to take King of the Road in 2013? Check the stats...

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aka: Roger
Age: Old enough to know better, remember Poweredge?
Hometown: Reppin the SF Bay area
Status:  Pro
Sponsors: Enjoi, Eswic, Etnies, Poler, Ricta, Mob, Krux, Bones, Swiss, Diamond Hardware, CCS, Loud Headphones
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Gnarly bag of tricks, switch, nollie
Weaknesses: Ice cream
Verdict: Team management
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aka: Wieger
Age:  29
Hometown: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Status:  Pro
Sponsors: Enjoi, Nike, WESC, Independent, Bones Swiss
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Heelflips
Weaknesses: Keep out of direct sunlight
Verdict: Say my name, say my name
Zack Wallin
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aka: Nana
Age: 24
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Status: Am
Sponsors: Enjoi, DVS, Matix, Pig, Krux, Bones Bearings, Brick Harbor
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Big pop, well groomed, buff
Weaknesses: Too buff?
Verdict: Young buck
Jimmy Carlin
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aka: Jimmy
Age:  28
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Status: Pro
Sponsors: Enjoi, Krux, Reign, Pig
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Bizarro flatground, ledges, stairs, nudity, PMA
Weaknesses: Rails, techno, heel clickers
Verdict: Make it or naked
Louie Barletta
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aka: Sweet Lou or Captain Lou
Age: Older than Cairo
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Status: Pro
Sponsors: Enjoi, Globe, Pig, Krux, Swiss, Mob
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Wacky tricks, ledges, transition
Weaknesses: The sauce, older women
Verdict: The cougar's den
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aka: Sawyer
Age: 40
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Insomnia, doesn't sleep
Weaknesses: Torn miniscus
Verdict: Editing Bay
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Age: 41
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Status: Photo
KOTR experience: 2011 Lakai (won), 2012 Alien Workshop (won)
Strengths: PMA, won the last two KOTRs
Weaknesses: Camera failure
Verdict: Three peat?

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aka: Jaws
Hometown: Portland, OR
Age:  23
Status:  Pro
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Dekline, Bones, Independent, Eswic, Glassy, Footprint Insoles
KOTR experience: 2010 Alien Workshop (Mystery Guest, won)
Strengths: Big gaps, big rails, big air
Weaknesses: Lesbian hairdo, raving
Verdict: Biggest ollie yet


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aka: Ben
Age:  21
Hometown: Rosenberg, TX
Status:  Pro
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Nike, Indy, Bones, Plague hardware, Black Magic, Dakine
KOTR experience: none
Strengths: Classic '80s vert skills, pools, rough terrain
Weaknesses: Corrective vision, overly polite
Verdict: Gets loopy
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aka: Country Boy
Age: 23
Hometown: Altus, OK
Status: Pro
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Ambig, Independent, Active Ride Shop, The Goodworth, Pig Wheels, Emerica (flow)
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Down for anything, team player, pushes the limits
Weaknesses: Reckless, You can take the boy outta the country but…
Verdict: MVP
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aka: Clyde
Age: 21
Hometown:Cocoa Beach, FL
Status: Am
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Ambig, Spitfire, Thunder, SPoT, The Goodworth, Vans (flow)
KOTR experience: none
Strengths: Front bigspins, big gaps
Weaknesses: Two beers too loud, Florida
Verdict:Shots! Shots! Shots!
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aka: Milky Mike
Age: 23
Hometown: Portland, OR
Status: Flow
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Nike, Independent, Bones, Matix, Diamond, Nixon, CCS
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Tech, gnar
Weaknesses: Needs fresh clothes, overexcited, unaware of his abilities
Verdict:Flow no mo
Team Manager
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aka: J Rome the Damaja
Age: 30
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Status:  Team manager
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Ability to manage David Loy, Tony Hawk on speed dial
Weaknesses: Corrective vision, overly polite
Verdict: Gets loopy
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aka: Mills
Age: 25
Hometown: Pensacola, FL
Status: Filmer
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Organized, tall
Weaknesses: Girl problems
Verdict: Post modern art
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aka: Dan Z
Age: 30
Hometown: Couch surfing
Status: Photo
KOTR experience: 2011 Dekline, 2012 Toy Machine
Strengths: Down for anything, prior KOTR experience, sawzall
Weaknesses: Motormouth
Verdict: Duct tape


aka: The Nom
Age: 19
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Status:  Pro
Sponsors: Chocolate, Independent, Spitfire, Vans, Vans Apparel, Rip City
KOTR experience: 2011 Vans
Strengths: Older women, early grabs
Weaknesses: Cory Kennedy, early grabs
Verdict: Burly

aka: Vin-sanity
Age: 25
Hometown: East Los Angeles, CA
Status: Pro
Sponsors: Chocolate, Lakai, Royal Trucks, Dickies, Spitfire, Knox Hardware
KOTR experience: 2011 Lakai (won)
Strengths: Switch and regular, always smiling
Weaknesses: New wheels
Verdict: Goes both ways
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aka: Big Couch
Age: 20
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Status: Pro
Sponsors: Chocolate, Lakai, Volcom, Ace, Spitfire, Diamond, Bones Swiss, DAF, Monster
KOTR experience: 2011 Lakai (injured, along for the ride)
Strengths: Transition, high speed
Weaknesses: Devil's lettuce
Verdict: High as fuck
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aka: Lil' Flaco
Age: 22
Hometown: North Hollywood, CA
Status: Pro
Sponsors: Chocolate, Lakai, Dickies, Thunder, Spitfire, Shake Junt, Val Surf
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: ATV, perma-chill, skateopedia
Weaknesses: Cuffed pants lead to face plants
Verdict: MVP



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aka: Eldy
Age: 29
Hometown: Saugus, CA
Status: Pro
Sponsors: Chocolate, Royal Trucks, Diamond
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Nollie, instagram, morale
Weaknesses: Golf, tank tops
Verdict: X factor
Team Manager
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aka: Mac Res
Age: 37
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Status:  Talent manager
KOTR experience: 2004 Girl, 2011 Lakai (won)
Strengths: KOTR victor, EMB for life
Weaknesses: Sandwiches, sun, bammer weed
Verdict: 3rd KOTR tat
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aka: Big Wheat
Age: 24
Hometown: Oviedo, FL
Status: Filmer
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Team management, high angles without a ladder, the double dip
Weaknesses: Only three seats in the van fit him
Verdict: Shot gun
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aka: Hells Bells Bo
Age: 36
Hometown: Orkney Islands, UK
Status: Masterlensman (second angle)
KOTR experience: 2005 Flip (before HD)
Strengths: Nautical knowledge, PMA
Weaknesses: Chat room rebels
Verdict: Who the fuck said that?!!
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aka: Burndog
Age: Younger than Phelper
Hometown: Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA
Status: Editor at large/photo 
KOTR experience: The almighty creator, 2003 Tum Yeto, 2004 Girl, 2005 Flip, 2006 Toy Machine, 2007 Foundation
Strengths: Knows the formula, shoots nine covers a year, workaholic
Weaknesses: "Can you do that five more times?" Never had a KOTR victory
Verdict: Sixth times the charm!

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aka: Big Rig
Age:  23
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Status:  Am
Sponsors: Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Cowtown, Eswic, Footprint Insoles
KOTR experience: 2010 Circa
Strengths: Unfazed by high temperatures, big pop, pools
Weaknesses: Beer pong, dessert menu, food coma
Verdict: Spring break
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aka: Dar Juan
Age: 21
Hometown: Bordentown, NJ
Status: Pro
Sponsors: Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Nike, Fourstar, Monster, Shake Junt, Stance, Diamond Hardware, Bones Swiss, Epokhe Eyewear, Exit Skateshop
KOTR experience: 2010 Nike (won), 2011 Nike
Strengths: Skate plazas, most tricks in under ten tries
Weaknesses: Sweaty nipples, bulimic, conversations not involving skating
Verdict: Party til you puke
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aka: The Wizard, J.Brock
Age: 25
Hometown: Mount Airy, NC
Status: Pro
Sponsors: Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Nike, Nike Apparel, Stratosphere Skateshop, Roughneck Hardware
KOTR experience: 2010 Nike (won), 2011 Nike (moral support)
Strengths: ATV, KOTR victor, team player, proud papa
Weaknesses: New dad away from home
Verdict: Baby needs a new pair of shoes
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aka: Jake the Snake
Age: 18
Hometown: Camarillo, CA
Status: Flow
Sponsors: Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Neff, Ambig
KOTR experience: none
Strengths: Big rails, the more kinks the better
Weaknesses: Van virgin, tight trucks
Verdict: What the fuck?
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aka: K Walks
Age: 19
Hometown: Moore, OK
Status: Am
Sponsors: Real, Vans, Thunder, Spitfire, Volcom, Happy Hour, Active
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Rails, hubbas and all that other shit
Weaknesses: Tornadoes
Verdict: Stairs beyond his age
Team manager
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aka: J'Alden
Age: 32
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Status: Team manager
KOTR experience: Does Skate Rock count?
Strengths: Anti Hero tours
Weaknesses: Lost the Wallenberg ramp on the 101, rode for Navigator trucks, Anti Hero tours
Verdict: Drive it 'til the wheels fall off
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aka: Tripod
Age: 19
Hometown: Novato, CA
Status: Filmer
KOTR experience: None
Strengths: Was am for Powell, tech support
Weaknesses: Camera talk
Verdict: Memorizes the book
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aka: P-Stone
Age: 41
Hometown: San Franciso, CA
Status: Lifer
KOTR experience: 2005 Element, 2007 Black Label, 2012 Anti Hero
Strengths: Road dog, clean plate club, PMA
Weaknesses: Last call, chili dogs, and tripods
Verdict: After hours
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aka: Rhino
Age: Old enough
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Status: Photo
KOTR experience: Black Label 2007, Nike 2010, Nike 2011, Creature 2012
Strengths: Lots of KOTR experience, team management, Independent
Weaknesses: Thunder and toothpaste
Verdict: Lightning quick response
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