Metallica: Hardwired at House of Vans Photos

Metallica played their album release show last night to a lucky crowd at the House of Vans in London.


1 2x

People lined up hours before the show to get the best spot


2 2x


3 jamesnorth 2x

The scene was set Photo: James North




4 2x

Kalle Berglind and Tony Trujillo fired up a session in the bowl


5 2x

Kalle, back Smith over the spectator hole


6 2x

Tony, off the wall


7 5 2x

Metallica's new album Hardwired... To Self-Destruct was available


8 2x

Hit the lights


9 NathanGallagher 2x

Big band on a little stage   Photo: Nathan Gallagher


11 nathanGallagher 2x

Those who won the lottery to get in were beyond stoked   Photo: Nathan Galagher


10 5 2x

They streamed the show around the venue and world wide on the web


10 NathanGallagher2x

Epic show   Photo: Nathan Gallagher


12 2x


 13 2x

Everyone left with a goodie bag   Photo: Nathan Gallagher


14 2x

Faces of stoke everywhere



Watch the full set here:


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