Texas Death Match 2010


7:00 am flight out of Oakland, straight to Austin, TX. Good times, great bands, cool folks, kill food. Thanks to Converse, Mike Crum, Kicker, and the Scoot Inn. Always tip the bartender—see ya next year.

Photos by Rhino & Jordan Joseffer

The ramp


John Gibson and Todd Prince

Mammoth Grinder

Mike Crum Productions

Long hairs

Waylon and Tony

Kenny Anderson

Raney Beres

Cash money

Nick Trapasso and Sammy Baca, holding down the cutts


  • Wizard Quest: Baja

    Wizard Quest: Baja
    Some of the Blood Wizard team will be in Ensenada June 22-28th with a demo at Revolution Skatepark June 24th.
  • Rough Cut: Tony Trujillo's "Spitfire x Antihero" Part

    Rough Cut: Tony Trujillo's "Spitfire x Antihero" Part
    He’s been a SOTY, King of the Road champ and his recent part showcased that’s he’s more explosive than ever. Big ups to one of the all-time greats, TNT!
  • Lakai's "The Flare" Premiere Photos

    Lakai's "The Flare" Premiere Photos
    Longtime crailtap videographer Federico Vitetta, along with his crew of master lensmen and the entire Lakai team once again bring you the best skating, filming and editing and keep The Flare alive. Check out photos from the premiere here.
  • Spitfire x Antihero: Tony Trujillo

    Spitfire x Antihero: Tony Trujillo
    TNT unleashes the high-voltage, explosive attack that’s made him one of the all-time best. This part will get your blood pumping. SKATE AND DESTROY!
  • Tony Trujillo: Life and Times

    Tony Trujillo: Life and Times
    He personally handed Bob Burnquist his sponsor-me tape at age 14 and has been on a helluva ride ever since. TNT runs you through the milestones of his epic career—from the July issue of the mag.