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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 10:56

New from Creature

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Check out a sampling of the new products from Creature in their Spring '13 catalog here.

Posted: February 12, 2013





More Creature CSFU:
  • Classics: Brian Anderson "Welcome to Hell" Classics: Brian Anderson

    Here's where the world was introduced to the skating and legendary style of BA. Truman Hooker introduces a classic part from the 1996 Toy Machine video.

  • Creature "CSFU" Full Video Release Creature

    280_gravette_magnifiedLike a Frankenstein beast, the Creature guys together form a skate monster that destroys all terrain, and it definitely shows in this video. Here's Gravette, Bingaman, Conover, Reyes, Navs, Hitz, Parts, and the whole squad.

  • The Handler The Handler

    134HandlerBoardFrom the bowels of the larb spews the Handler.

  • Magnified: David Gravette Magnified: David Gravette

    280_gravette_magnifiedPretty much every skater has done a 50-50 to one degree or other. But no one turns up the heat quite like David. As seen in the May 2013 mag.

  • Classics: Phil Shao "Dedication" Classics: Phil Shao

    280_phil_classics Having a distinctive style while shredding every kind of terrain is as rad as it gets. And Phil Shao is a great example. Here's Al Partanen introducing a classic part from the 1998 Think video.

  • Creature in Oregon Creature in Oregon

    280_csfu Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure of the Creature fiends that were all shot in the Portland area over the last couple years while filming for CSFU.

  • Five Sequences: April 5, 2013 Five Sequences: April 5, 2013

    280_sequences2Hammeke comes through with five sequences of Creature riders, Taylor Bingaman, Sean Conover, Adrian Mallory, Ryan Reyes, and David Gravette.

  • Classics: Chris Miller "Molecules In Motion" Classics: Chris Miller

    280_navs_classicsFIXSkating is always progressing but speed and finding the right lines never gets old. Darren Navarrette introduces a classic from the 1987 Gullwing video.

  • Sneak Peek: May 2013 Sneak Peek: May 2013

    134TH0513-Polybag-Cover His royal Spookiness, David Gravette, grinds to drop for the front of the May issue (with free full-length Creature DVD) hitting newsstands, skateshops, and mailboxes next week.

  • David Gravette "CSFU" Bonus Footage David Gravette

    280_david_gravette From backflips to epic rails, David is unpredictable and has a wild bag of tricks. This clip and smoky encounter with the Devil proves the point. The full Creature vid "CSFU" is available with the May issue.

  • Creature Feature Creature Feature

    burnout_Creaturevid Fiends, friends, babes and bros were at the drive-in for the CSFU video premier. Did you know it's free in the next mag?

  • Introducing Chris Russell Introducing Chris Russell

    134ChrisRusselWTFFind out who the f#ck Chris Russell is in this clip from Creature.

  • Darren Navarrette: Gunnin' For CSFU Darren Navarrette: Gunnin' For CSFU

    280_NavsPoster He fiends for monstrous transitions and deep pits. Here's some clips of Darren as he and the rest of the Creature guys prepare to drop CSFU.

  • Creature Trick Tip: The Rallie With Ryan Reyes Creature Trick Tip: The Rallie With Ryan Reyes

    Ryan Reyes starts out Creature Week with a trick tip on the Rallie.

  • CSFU World Premiere CSFU World Premiere

    134cr_csfu_fullmoon_flier Get down to San Diego on March 15th to get the first crack at the new Creature vid. If you can't make it, hang tight–there will be a free DVD with the May issue.

  • Creature at Bucky's Bowl Creature at Bucky's Bowl

    280_parts3 Lasek's private pit is a monster and has some of the biggest walls anywhere. Kimbel, Effertz, and Partanen, with a cameo from Zach Miller, try to slay the dragon.

  • Classics: Ben Schroeder "Full Power Trip" Classics: Ben Schroeder

    280_schroeder_classics Ben has a lot of moves, but this clip shows that the act of carving and grinding can be a hell of a thing. Sam Hitz introduces a classic from the 1990 Gullwing video.

  • Meet The Creature Fiends (Pt 2 of 2) Meet The Creature Fiends (Pt 2 of 2)


    Only the Creature team could spice up a round of questions by having every guy get shocked by a Taser. No joke.

  • New from Creature New from Creature

    134CreatureCatalogCheck out a sampling of the new products from Creature in their Spring '13 catalog here.

  • Meet The Creature Fiends Meet The Creature Fiends


    The May issue is gonna have a free, full-length Creature DVD, "CSFU." Here's the crew getting grilled: Gravette, Conover, Bingaman, Partanen, Navarrette, Hitz, and the rest of the guys.

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