Vans Pool Party 2016: Photos

The 12th Annual Vans Pool Party is a wrap and it was an insane day of great skateboarding! When the dust settled, Darren Navarrette took first in the Masters, Lance Mountain won the Legends division and Pedro Barros put on a show and took top ranking in the Pro contest. Thanks to Vans for another amazing Pool Party. See you next year! —Rhino


The Combi Pool Party number 12


Grosso fueling up for a long day


Bob Burnquist sports a beauty of a t-shirt


The Masters contest was the first to go. Darren Navarrette took 1st Place


Jeff was fired up that Navs won!


Big Ben, always a crowd favorite for the Legends contest


Cab looking strong as always


Heavy crew spectating around the bowl!


Lance hasn’t skated the contest in a few years. He was on fire!


Hosoi, stylish grind around the corner


Rick Blackhart has his money on Lance


Chris Miller turned the heat up


Lance plants one in the round


The crowd goes wild after Lance’s insane run


Congrats to Lance on winning the Legends. He let his skating do the talking


Now to the Pro event. Chris Russell with a new sponsor


Lucero and Navs, ready to watch the action


Steve Van Doren slinging dogs


Christian, Eddie Elguera, Pat Ngoho and Pops Hosoi

20Coming from Hawaii, Heimana Reynolds, massive madonna

21A new crop of young guns coming up. Jack Winburn lofts a huge boneless

22Alex Perelson, kickflip lien on lock

23Omar Hassan lined them up and knocked ’em down!

24One of the biggest airs of the day, Austin Poynter goes for the ceiling

25Josh Borden looking strong in the finals. 540 in the round bowl

26Chris Russell tosses up an eggplant

27Backside ollie machine, 13-year-old Kiko Francisco

28At 43-years-old, Bucky Lasek is still skating like a young buck

29When it was all said and done Pedro Barros put together an insane line and took first!

30Pedro Barros with his 1st place ring. You know Pedro and his crew lit it up til the early morning! RTMF!

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