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Firing Line: Kevin Braun

Three snappy flicks and a high rate of speed make this is a solid line.

  • Lunch Date with Kevin Braun

    Lunch Date with Kevin Braun
    Kevin Braun talks burritos, beers and switch flips in this episode of Lunch Date from Santa Cruz.
  • Firing Line: Ronnie Sandoval

    Firing Line: Ronnie Sandoval
    Ronnie treats himself to a proper reward after barnstorming a backyard bowl. Congrats on turning pro for Krooked!
  • Firing Line: Welcome

    Firing Line: Welcome
    The Welcome warlocks know there's power in numbers. Rick Fabro, Daniel Vargas and Ryan Townley conjure up a concrete trifecta for the Skate Gods. Three really is the magic number.
  • Kevin Braun's "Right to Exist" Part

    Kevin Braun's "Right to Exist" Part
    Kevin Braun's part from Santa Cruz Skateboards "Right to Exist" video.
  • Firing Line: Oskar Rozenberg

    Firing Line: Oskar Rozenberg
    Oskar flows around this DIY park and effortlessly attacks that tall corner.