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Hall Of Meat: Brian Delatorre

Filming a full part is a huge achievement but it often comes at a high price. Here's just a handful of slams Brian has taken recently.

  • Hall Of Meat: James Hardy

    Hall Of Meat: James Hardy
    A tantalizing near-make turns into a skin-pinching nightmare on this sick gap to lipslide.
  • Hall Of Meat: Dave Mull

    Hall Of Meat: Dave Mull
    We don’t know what kind of relationship Dave has with his left shoulder after this impact but we heard they are in counseling together.
  • Hall Of Meat: Merari Paz

    Hall Of Meat: Merari Paz
    If your feet slip out on a ledge this tall it’s only a matter of what’s worse: the skull bash or spine adjustment.
  • GX1000: Chile

    GX1000: Chile
    The crew heads to the Southern Hemisphere with Chilean ambassador Danny Fuenzalida. This edit is so ill you might just call in sick for the next two weeks.
  • "The Golden Ratio" Video

    "The Golden Ratio" Video
    Silas rounded up a crew of friends and teammates for a jaunt around Japan. With a posse this solid you can’t go wrong. Enjoy...