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Moose-Thunder Trucks por vida!

For the release of his first ever Thunder Pro Truck, Moose comes through with an exclusive Thrasher edit. If you’re out near Oxnard this Thursday, Nov. 7th head out to the Skatepark to celebrate with Moose and his crew.


  • Thunder x Hardies

    Thunder x Hardies
    Thunder trucks joined up with Hardies hardware on a new limited release.
  • Parks and Wreck with Zach Miller

    Parks and Wreck with Zach Miller
    Zach Miller hits up the Oceanside Park with Sam Beckett and Jimmy Wilkins to shred with the locals and hook up some trucks.
  • Gage Boyle: Know Future

    Gage Boyle: Know Future
    Gaps, rails, and everything in between. Gage Boyle comes through for the new Thunder Know Future edit.
  • Jafin Garvey: Know Future

    Jafin Garvey: Know Future
    Hitting Berkeley park, the Stanford Hubba and everything in between, Jafin Garvey comes through with the newest Know Future Thunder clip.
  • Jonathan Perez: Know Future

    Jonathan Perez: Know Future
    Jonathan Perez just dropped the newest Thunder know future clip with some heavy Bay Area destruction.