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Andrew Reynolds / Backside Flip / Dan Zaslavsky

Take Andrew Reynolds to Wallenberg for a backside flip and you can pretty much guarantee a cover. Here's the first of many wallpapers to come. Oh yeah, Wallenberg-we're coming for you bitch!

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Lindsey Robertson / Heelflip / Scurich

This is the ultimate Anatomy photo: Weiss not filming, Ortiz getting his ass shot, Mic-E getting a beer, Morf thinking about skating, and Lindsey heelflippin'....

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740TH1213PC1.jpgIn This Issue
Louie Barletta scrapes some vert and Ben Raemers goes past the plane welcoming you to the December issue. The Oververt madness only escalates with a 26-page Enjoi video feature inside, including a Barletta interview, fun facts, new team-rider introductions and even a drinking game. Chug-a-lug. And that's just the tip of the blade: Bastien Salabanzi interviews Manny Santiago; LRG plunges into Cyprus; Hellride travels across the pond; and the Huf team explores Asia. And if the heavy hits leave you looking for some levity, Garrett Hill discusses his infamous two-tone pants and Beagle tells some tales of the Skate Tank. Done deal, dudes.
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