• Firing Line: Furby

    Firing Line: Furby
    Furby flies through a schoolyard, getting five tricks without pushing once.
  • Firing Line: Omar Hassan

    Firing Line: Omar Hassan
    Even without getting tech or blasting an air, Omar shows how there's endless ways to get creative and gnarly.
  • Firing Line: Pete Eldridge

    Firing Line: Pete Eldridge
    Most skaters will try an all-switch line at some point, either as a deliberate challenge or just for the fun of it. Pete has a rad flow on this one.
  • Firing Line: Ryan Spencer

    Firing Line: Ryan Spencer
    With a spot this smooth, Ryan only needs two pushes to nail a sick four-trick line.
  • Firing Line: CJ Tambornino

    Firing Line: CJ Tambornino
    CJ takes advantage of a shaded spot on a sunny day and puts together a sick line.
  • Firing Line: Lewis Marnell

    Firing Line: Lewis Marnell
    A huge plaza provides plenty of room for Lewis to demonstrate his unique board control.
  • Firing Line: Aaron Homoki

    Firing Line: Aaron Homoki
    Whether it's crazy street lines or deep cement pits, Jaws likes attacking big terrain.
  • Firing Line: Vincent Alvarez

    Firing Line: Vincent Alvarez
    His loose, fast style has gotten Vincent a lot of attention over the past couple years. Here's a nice downhill line as an example.
  • Firing Line: Carlos Ribeiro

    Firing Line: Carlos Ribeiro
    Seems like just a few months ago no one had heard of him. Now everyone's talking about this guy with insane board control.
  • Firing Line: Lizard King

    Firing Line: Lizard King
    Lizard has a unique approach to skating and a nice snap to his flips. Always. This line is no exception.