• Burnout: Skid Marks

    Burnout: Skid Marks
    Colden uses his chin as a brake and the Tempster tempts fate as the Emerica tour continues.
  • Burnout: Nug Life

    Burnout: Nug Life
    The Emerica tour hits Nashville and the Boss gets on TV.
  • Burnout: The Joy of Falling

    Burnout: The Joy of Falling
    The Emerica team dodges drops in B'ham and Heath slams himself silly.
  • The Flick by Westgate

    The Flick by Westgate
    Brandon Westgate demonstrates one of many uses for his new shoe with a huge kickflip.
  • Classics: Brandon Westgate, "Word of Mouth"

    Classics: Brandon Westgate, "Word of Mouth"
    Brandon's had board control forever—even as a kid, when the board was almost bigger than he was. Joe Tookmanian introduces this 2007 5Boro part.
  • Skatepark Round-Up: Best of 2011

    Skatepark Round-Up: Best of 2011
    You have to be careful with hype. Too little or too much can work against you. Trust us, though: this edit is pure, full-tilt, melt-your-monitor skate craze.
  • Westgate Interviewed

    Westgate Interviewed
    Some of Brandon Westgate's fellow Venture team riders ask him some questions in this interview.
  • The Outsiders Tour

    The Outsiders Tour
    Reynolds, Herman, Romero, Westgate, and a bunch of other Emerica dudes rip in this tour video.
  • Real Street Results

    Real Street Results
    Silas Baxter-Neal won the gold and Brandon Westgate received fan favorite in the Real Street video contest.
  • Real Street Final Round

    Real Street Final Round
    The X-Games Real Street contest is down to the final two. Watch Billy Marks' and Brandon Westgate's parts again, and vote for who you think should win.