Junk Drawer
  • Active at Girl

    Active at Girl
    Active has an edit highlighting the skating from Girl's 5th annual open house.
  • Dakine Ad Days

    Dakine Ad Days
    Check out these videos of Ryan Decenzo, Steven Reeves, and Nick Tucker as they were out shooting ads.
  • Miller Defying Convention

    Miller Defying Convention
    Check out Matt Miller’s Defying Conventions commercial from DC.
  • Jack Curtin in HD

    Jack Curtin in HD
    Check out Jack Curtin's HD clips from the LRG video, Give Me My Money Chico, edited into a new part.
  • Love it or Leave it

    Love it or Leave it
    Cody McEntire's part from Love it or Leave it. There's a few NBD's in there....
  • Burnout: Local Motion

    Burnout: Local Motion
    Burnout checks in from Albuquerque with the Toy dudes, where a local gets a big hardflip.  
  • Firing Line: Ryan Spencer

    Firing Line: Ryan Spencer
    Most people associate warehouse loading docks with grunt work and hard labor. That's because they never worked on a fun line that includes a switch wallride.
  • Behind the Ad

    Behind the Ad
    Take a look behind the scenes of the new Active ad featuring Anthony Schultz.
  • One in a Million: Episode 18

    One in a Million: Episode 18
    Find out who the winner of Slap's One in a Million is in the final episode here.
  • Stevie on Supra

    Stevie on Supra
    Supra Footwear is proud to announce the addition of Stevie Williams to their team.
In The Mag
TH0418Cover 610
Jamie F'n Foy back Smiths (and gaps out) straight onto his SOTY issue cover. Hellacious Skater of the Year article inside as Jamie and his boys terrorize Melbourne and lay its spots to waste. Travel-wise, the Hellride Crew hike it to Quito, Ecuador to shred (and repair) some sacred 'crete, and a little closer to home, the top ladies of 'boarding hit the highway and attack Arizona. Elsewhere in the mag, Arto Saari talks about the year he got SOTY (2001), K-Walks discusses passing the torch to Foy Boy, Mark Suciu pontificates on tasteful trick combos and the T-Eddy Awards once again crown (and clown) everybody in their path. This issue is thick and sick like your favorite uncle's goiter. Add this one to your collection.