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  • Weekly Wrap-Up

    Weekly Wrap-Up
    KOTR episode 1, Paul Machnau videos, Anthony Schultz Firing Line, Burnout, and more.
  • King of the Rad Results

    King of the Rad Results
    It seems the pros weren't the only ones stumped by the difficulty of the 2010 King of the Road tricks. We only got a handful of entries for our King of the Rad at-home challenge, and among those, only one that was worth a damn.
  • Five Sequences: January 14, 2011

    Five Sequences: January 14, 2011
    Garric Ray brings you this week's 'five' with Devin Appelo, Mikey Burton, Trevor Ward, Tyson Reynolds, and Peter McClelland.
  • Debuting Cole

    Debuting Cole
    DC is proud to welcome, two-time SOTY, Chris Cole to their team.
  • Zero and Mystery Catalogs

    Zero and Mystery Catalogs
    Check out all of the new products from Zero and Mystery.
  • Hall Of Meat: Paul Machnau

    Hall Of Meat: Paul Machnau
    Every trick has a story behind it. This one is a mind-bender. A lot of guys have taken a big hit and stuck with it until they got the make, but this clip is for the ages.
  • Burnout: Vague At Best

    Burnout: Vague At Best
    Burnout hits Sin City with the Toy Machine team.
  • New Westgate This Saturday

    New Westgate This Saturday
    In support of Brandon's first pro shoe, Emerica will also be releasing a brand new Brandon Westgate video part on their website this Saturday January 15th, at 12 noon.
  • Danny and Colin On A New DC Rider

    Danny and Colin On A New DC Rider
    Danny Way and Colin McKay talk about the newest addition to DC that will be announced tomorrow.
  • Birdhouse Tour Du Monde

    Birdhouse Tour Du Monde
    Birdhouse has a sick edit from their European tour.
In The Mag
Outta the bog and straight into the fire, Brandon Westgate scorches onto the October 2018 cover with an ollie to perilous plank ride. More W-Gate inside by way of a feature interview—all handsomely shot by masterlensman Brian Gaberman—as part of a behind-the-scenes look at Element’s newest video offering, Peace. Nassim, Jaako, Madars and Julian Davidson all get grilled, too. This vid is gonna be HEAVY! In tales of travel, REAL took their Actions Realized efforts to Chicago, Detroit, Providence and Taunton, MA, spreading the stoke and doing good deeds along the way. Circle-F-wise, Corey Glick and Dakota Servold both have interviews, letting you know that the new Foundation vid will be absolutely bonkers (as they always are). And if you’re sick of low-impact curb dancing, have no fears—Nuke Baby is here to make sure those drops stay high and the rails stay kinked! Hope you’re done with your homework because this one’s gonna take over your life. Add this one to your collection.