Junk Drawer
  • Palace's "Betamaximum" Video

    Palace's "Betamaximum" Video
    Palace Skateboards have taken a landmark decision to switch it up and ditch this cumbersome, weighty, ludicrously outdated technology—and to replace it with an even more cumbersome, even more weighty, even more ludicrously outdated technology! VHS Palace is dead; long live the new era of Betamax Palace.
  • Pizza Skateboards' "The 5ifth Floor" Video

    Pizza Skateboards' "The 5ifth Floor" Video
    Holy hell! If you need something to get you sparked for the weekend, hit play. This new Pizza flick, all filmed in Paris, is a non-stop assault with the whole team getting some. Slice into it!
  • Fire & Ice with Curren & Nick

    Fire & Ice with Curren & Nick
    Curren Caples and Nick Tucker put together this hot video for a promotion they are doing with Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice. More info here.
  • HUF Worldwide // Tyler Bledsoe

    HUF Worldwide // Tyler Bledsoe
    The Clive combines timeless styling with contemporary skate shoe tech. Featuring HUF team rider Tyler Bledsoe.
  • Nike SB | Hockey Killshot

    Nike SB | Hockey Killshot
    Donovon Piscopo, John Fitzgerald, Caleb Barnett and Diego met in Ventura, skated some spots there, made a quick stop in Santa Maria before bouncing around California.
  • Blow'n Up The Spot: Vans HB Park

    Blow'n Up The Spot: Vans HB Park
    Darren Navarrette, Peter Hewitt, Omar Hassan, Lance Mountain and Eric Dressen got some licks before the dozer showed up at the Vans HB Park.
  • Michael Mackrodt's "Fishing Lines" in Paris 2

    Michael Mackrodt's "Fishing Lines" in Paris 2
    Somehow, 11 days in Paris adds up to over five minutes of footage for Mr. Mackrodt. That city has so many spots it’s like a GD outbreak of the measles! This video is simply sublime.
  • Hall Of Meat: Evan Dineen

    Hall Of Meat: Evan Dineen
    This knobbed, kinked rail is one mean-looking spot. Evan attacks the beats and gets battered.
  • New from REAL

    New from REAL
    The Spring drop 3 catalog from REAL skateboards - with all new pro boards from Ishod, Chima, Zion, Kyle, Dennis and the crew.
  • CJ Collins' "Indy Raw Ams" Part

    CJ Collins' "Indy Raw Ams" Part
    You know he can destroy transition but CJ’s out there demolishing street spots, too! And those diving-board pivots?! So sick.
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Jesse Vieira kickflip 50-50s a legendary SF rail and grinds right onto the August 2018 cover. Up front, the Skate Witches cast a spell with their yearly Witch Hunt and padless 540 enthusiast Clay Kreiner talks with Burnett about modern-day vert. On the tropical front, Palace ditched their VHS rig, adopted a Betamax and sailed to Hawaii to test the proverbial waters of outdated video technology. Other tales of travel have Indy heading Down Under to taste some meat pies and slaughter some spots. Closer to home, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa discusses the heroes and heavies that have inspired him to be the maniac he is today. Santa Cruz has a fistful of new ams and we got the scoop on who these new Speed Freaks are. New Alien pro Frankie Spears gets the Thrasher interview treatment and Ishod “Trick Detective” Wair breaks down the mental and physical barriers to unlocking tricks. You can trust him. He knows how to do them all. Summer is in full swing and this issue is scorching. Add this one to your collection.