How To Get In The Mag

BE DOWN! Write a letter, send some photos, make some comments, whatever! We got nothing without you, and to get in the mag or up on the site, you're gonna have to get off your ass and actually go DO SOMETHING.

WRITERS and PHOTOGRAPHERS: If you want some helpful tips about submitting photos, or if you have a story idea that you think would be good for the mag, please check out our Photo & Editorial Submission Guidelines.

What follows is a list of the many different ways to get your stuff in the only mag that matters....

How To Get In The MagStoke Of The Day
Email your stoke photos to [email protected] Don't forget to include your name, trick, location, and photographer.


sponsorme100Sponsor Me
Think you got what it takes for a Sponsor Me video feature? Get in contact with our Video Room.


How To Get In The Mag Hall of Meat
Broken Wings, Wet Noodles, & Fractured Femurs... Send us pics or video of your gnarliest skate injuries to [email protected] To print 'em in the mag we need images at least 3 x 4 inches @ 300dpi (That's 900 x 1200 for you web dorks).

How To Get In The MagEvent Calendar
Log in, post an event, blow it out.


How To Get In The MagPhotograffiti
Send sick photos to [email protected] To print 'em in the mag we need images at least 3 x 4 inches @ 300dpi (That's 900 x 1200 for you web dorks).


How To Get In The Mag Mail Drop Got something to say? Write an to [email protected], or better yet, write a real letter and draw some shit on the envelope. Snail Mail goes here: Mail Drop, c/o Thrasher, P.O. Box 884570, San Francisco, CA 94188-4570.


How To Get In The Mag 'Zine Thing
All 'zines go directly to Wez Lundry at PO Box 752, Natick, MA 01760.


How To Get In The MagPoser of the Month
Email your Poser shots to [email protected] To print 'em in the mag we need images at least 3 x 4 inches @ 300dpi (That's 900 x 1200 for you web dorks).


How To Get In The MagShop of the Month
If your shop is down with the mag, contact our sales dudes and they'll get you hooked up.


How To Get In The MagMailing List
Sign up for our newsletter and get updates straight to your email. You'll win free shit and receive special offers from mag.


How To Get In The MagDown For Life
Got Thrasher ink? send us a pic, fool...
To print 'em in the mag we need images at least 3 x 4 inches @ 300dpi (That's 900 x 1200 for you web dorks).


How To Get In The MagCanvas
A two-page spread article in the mag featuring skateboarding and art. We need hi-resolution art images, a short paragraph about the artist, and a hi-res skate shot of the artist. Snail Mail goes here: CANVAS, c/o Thrasher, P.O. Box 884570, San Francisco, CA 94188-4570 EMAIL HERE.
Click HERE for more important Canvas details.

  • The Sucubo Video

    The Sucubo Video
    From the streets of Spain to the screen in front of your face comes a full-length by Mario Fortea. We can’t say enough good things about, so pull up a chair and enjoy the ride.
  • "Arizona Pool Maintance" Photos

    "Arizona Pool Maintance" Photos
    Finding empty pools is a journey, and just like using Waze there’s more than one way to get there. Check out some photos from a few AZ missions.
  • Cole Wilson's "Oddity" Part

    Cole Wilson's "Oddity" Part
    The Louisville Lunatic drops the curtains on the Oddity vid with a part that’ll require several viewings to process. We’ll be posting the full-length in its entirety Saturday morning. Great job, dudes.
  • Aidan Campbell's "Oddity" Part

    Aidan Campbell's "Oddity" Part
    From ditches to walls to the big bars, Aidan lays claim to all types of terrain. The last two tricks in this part are certifiable next-level bangers. Wow…
  • Dakota Servold's "Oddity" Part

    Dakota Servold's "Oddity" Part
    We’ve seen Dakota charge down kinkers without a moment’s hesitation, but apparently now he skates up these rails as well. WTF?!
  • Dylan Witkin's "Oddity" Part

    Dylan Witkin's "Oddity" Part
    It’s a short part, but there is not even a teaspoon of filler. Dylan jumps right into business and clocks hammer after hammer 'til the bell rings.
  • Joey Ragali's "Oddity" Part

    Joey Ragali's "Oddity" Part
    Joey stomps out tricks with brute force, doing the heavy-lifting in every direction. His enders over a tall af bump-to-bar are absolutely buck nasty!
  • Cole Wilson Interview

    Cole Wilson Interview
    Foundation's newest pro and Oddity curtain closer, Cole Wilson, chats with Sieben about the best thing on Earth: skateboarding. This kid totally rules.
  • Nick Merlino's "Oddity" Part

    Nick Merlino's "Oddity" Part
    Merlino unloads his deep arsenal of tricks on serious double-black-diamond terrain. Did he really nollie into that front feebs? Goddamn...
  • Aidan Campbell Interview

    Aidan Campbell Interview
    His Oddity part is solid as GD rock! Now check out this interview Sinclair did with Aidan talking about video-part juggling, spot scouring and what's wrong with the kids today.