Dime Glory Challenge 2017 Photos

Only Bryan knows what lies behind the Dime Glory Challenge gates. Imagine 50 of the world's top skaters pitted against themselves for the glory of the challenge. Volcanic eruptions, cascading confetti and the magic of Joe Valdez will melt your minds! With over a million Canadian dollars on the line, The Dime Glory Challenge may just be the most eccentric contest of all time! —Ewan Bowman

Photos: Dan Mathieu, Mike Blabac, Nathan Ethier-Myette, Ryan Lebel


1 750pxSaturday morning, the squad gathers in front of the hotel. Solid lineup so far

2 750pxGood luck, Tiago!

3 750pxMorning, Jamal

4 750px
5 750pxEveryone, get in the bus

6 750pxThe anxiety kicks in. These guys are here to win

7 750px
8 750px
9 750pxCanadian legends, Rick Howard and Rob "Sluggo" Boyce

10 750pxBrazil vs. Canada

11 750pxFirst, pick your speed shades

12 750pxChoose wisely

13 750pxGreat fit!

14 750pxHell yeah, Rob

15 750pxPerfect!

16 750pxIt’s about to get real

18 750pxDoors opening

19 750pxThe floodgates open

20 750px
21 750pxFull house

22 750pxFirst on the course, Danny Way!

23 750pxSup, Forrest?

24 750pxDonta Fucking Hill

25 750pxVelocity icon, Jake Johnson

26 750pxLast year’s MVP, LEEEEEEEE YANKOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

27 750pxAnd last but not least…

28 750px…ROB…

29 750px…SLUGGO…



32 750pxSpeed shades for everyone!

33 750px
34 750pxYou get speed shades! You get speed shades!


36 750pxEverybody

37 750pxWe need more speed!

38 750pxThe roll-in unfolds

39 750pxIt’s on

40 750pxHoly shit it’s fast

41 750pxEvan, kickflip

42 750pxWes, frontside flip

43 750pxNot a make

44 750pxDonta, backside bigspin (bolts)

45 750pxAntoine Asselin, varial flip

46 750pxJoey Larock, warp speed 360 flip

47 750pxAlexis ski-stance from the roll-in

48 750pxZered with the ultimate switch flip

49 750pxNext up: Gangster Challenge: Dime imported Wade DesArmo’s switch pop shove couch from Vancouver

50 750pxYuri, 360 flip

51 750pxPost-couch crouch

52 750pxTyshawn, half Cab flip

53 750pxButtaz

54 750pxTiago, nollie pop shove

55 750pxAntoine, frontside heelflip

56 750pxVolcano Challenge

57 750pxBryan proceeds with care. Safety first

58 750pxKalis feeling the heat

59 750pxFire it up

60 750pxComing down

61 750pxÉtienne Gagné, kickflip

62 750pxTiago, kickflip

63 750px
64 750pxKarsten Kleppan, kickflip

65 750px
66 750pxRyan Decenzo, kickflip

67 750pxYuri, world’s longest kickflip

68 750pxYuri: 1, Xenu: 0

69 750pxAnd now, the main event

70 750pxFrom Brazil, 300 pounds of pure steel, Tiago Lemos

71 750pxTwo-time World Champion of Skateboarding, from Canada, Wade DesArmo

72 750px
73 750px

74 750pxTiago wins, Tiago starts

75 750pxWade, switch flip

76 750pxPop

77 750pxWade wins!

78 750pxThreepeat

79 750pxGladiator Challenge

80 750px
81 750pxUp here, you have no friends

82 750pxDonta takes down Sluggo

83 750pxChachi ain’t scared

84 750pxValdez Challenge

85 750pxHe’s here!

86 750pxThe man, the myth, the legend: Joe Valdez

87 750pxValdez expert, Aaron Herrington

88 750pxJoey Larock goes the distance

89 750pxDamn

90 750pxJosh Wilson

91 750pxClean roll away

91.5 750pxTyshawn’s got it

92 750pxJoe summons a rail to make it more Valdez

93 750pxConjuring

94 750pxYou’re a savage for this one, Joe

95 750pxExtremely dangerous

96 750pxJosh Wilson with the make

97 750pxMystery Challenge: First guy to triple flip

98 750pxBoom! JS Lapierre!

99 750pxMontreal!

100 750pxTRIPLE!

101 750pxFUCKING!

102 750pxKICKFLIP!!!!!!

103 750pxRace Challenge

104 750px
105 750pxNobody is safe

106 750px
107 750px
108 750px
109 750pxJS is unstoppable

110 750pxSpeed Challenge winners: Karsten Kleppan and Zered Bassett

111 750pxGangster Challenge winner: Adrian Del Campo

112 750pxVolcano Challenge winners: Ryan Decenzo and Yuri Facchini

113 750pxWorld Champion of Skateboarding, Wade DesArmo

114 750pxValdez Challenge winners: Josh Wilson and Tyshawn Jones

115 750pxMystery Challenge and Race Challenge winner: JS Lapierre

116 750pxValdez Pick: Alexis Lacroix

117 750pxMVPs: Yuri Facchini and Tyshawn Jones

118 750pxShout out to everyone. See you next year!

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