Dakine x Thrasher Packs

Schools already started, so we're giving you $10 dollars off of our Dakine x Thrasher packs.

  • Thrasher Playing Cards

    Thrasher Playing Cards
    Now available. Take a look at our 52-card set of high-quality playing cards. Featuring original Thrasher designs. You gotta get in on the deal.
  • Gift Cards!

    Gift Cards!
    We now have Gift Cards available in our store. Send to a friend or family member, or buy one for yourself.
  • The Dakine Party Bucket

    The Dakine Party Bucket
    The new Dakine Party Bucket is designed to fit a five gallon bucket to carry the celebration anywhere you want to go.
  • Dakine Tradesman Collection Part 1

    Dakine Tradesman Collection Part 1
    With Kyle Berard at the helm Dakine will be selecting unique DIY projects to fund and build with support from this collection.
  • Thrasher Dog Collar

    Thrasher Dog Collar
    Guaranteed to make your dog the hardest canine on the block. Now available in our online shop.