Mark Suciu's 5 Tricks That Go Great Together

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MC Seq
Feebles to tailslides are cool as long as you don’t skimp on the backtail. Mike Carroll has the most historic example on the long Sacramento flatbar in Yeah Right!, but my favorite is the one he did on a ledge in Fully Flared.

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This is a combo that almost can’t be done without style. I heard Karl Watson did the first one at Tampa Pro in 2009 the day after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, which makes you think about the origins of creativity and where combo tricks stand in relation to the abyss.

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MJ Seq 2


My friend Brandon Nguyen does this one really well. He pinches the 5-0 and hops out right away, scooping into a balanced fakie 5-0 reminiscent of Marc Johnson’s beautiful frontside 5-0 backside 180 to fakie nosegrind (shown above) in Fully Flared (also a 
great combo).

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MJ Seq 2.5
This is also a trick from MJ’s Fully Flared part. 
In perfect form, he pops his nose on the way out of the front board and actually gets some air as he whips into the noseblunt. Every time I do a front board 270 out I think of this trick (although I still haven’t done one yet).

Suciu 5.3 750px
TC Seq 2
I like this one because it looks simple yet it’s ridiculously hard. Thaynan Costa did one in his Our Sweet Baby part. I’m also very fond of the related frontside noseslide to frontside 50-50. That one looks similar to the front nose to front tail, but it’s really in a different category—it requires more of a pop-up technique. All of these are almost magic tricks, though: you have to leave the ledge without leaving the ledge.

Suciu 6.3 750px
1. Crooked grind to backside lipslide and/or frontside boardslide body varial to lipslide. Just making sure you didn’t forget.

2. More than two tricks on the same ledge (reference Koston in the credits of Menikmati, Carroll in Questionable, Daewon (and everyone else) on double-sided curbs in the early ’90s.) It’s been done; it’s fun. But I’m saying two tricks is the 
limit of tact.

Suciu 7.3 750px
What If... Switch frontside crooked grind half Cab crooked grind—anybody got that?

Suciu SEQ 1
Mark stirs up his own combo with an uphill back lip to downhill bluntslide     Sequence: Taketomo

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