One Movement Skate Contest in Barbados

The eighth One Movement Festival skate contest went down last weekend in the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. A few months ago, the F Spot (the island's DIY park) was bulldozed by the government because it was on an abandoned slab at the Ministry of Agriculture. All of the hard work they put into on one of the only real skate spots on the island (and the spot where the One Movement contest was held last year) being destroyed devastated the skate scene. But rather then lay down, they decided to push forward and find sponsors to donate money for wood and build a course at Dover Beach. The event went off! Jaws and I were flown in to be two of the four judges for the event (that's why there are no skate photos from the contest). Barbados will be getting a concrete skatepark in 2018 and hopefully some of the other islands in the Caribbean will follow suit. We had a blast, the Bajan hospitality is over the top and all the skateboarders ripped! Thanks for having us and hopefully we'll see you next year, mon! —Rhino

1 750pxA shark out of the water. Jaws gave 'bados two thumbs up

2 750pxSpot check before the event. Jaws, front shove over the Caribbean crust gap

3 750pxChevy Cobe backside 180d it

4 750pxZaundre O’Sullivan, kickflip

5 750pxSurvival celebration

6 750pxStart 'em young!

7 750pxJade Nicholls holding it down solo for the female skaters in the event

8 750pxThe Unveil crew flew over from St. Lucia for the contest

9 750pxPre-contest preparation

10 750pxRain delay. The skaters played a game of soccer on the course to pass the time

11 750pxPrepared for the afternoon showers

12 750pxWhatever it takes to get the event back on

13. 750pxThankfully they had lights

14 750pxBest trick on the A frame went to Chevy Cobe

15 750pxBest trick on the hubba and main legde, Zaundre O’sullivan

16 750pxThird place open contest, Clay Gill

17 750pxSecond place open Contest, Adiel Batson

18 750pxWhen it was all said and done, Simon Joosten took home the first place honors. Congrats!

19 750pxTrying get Jaws hammered with some Banks beer so he'll miss his flight in the morning

20 750pxSuch an epic crew. See you in 2018—hopefully at your concrete park!

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