Supermaandag in Amsterdam

The Noord skatepark in Amsterdam celebrated their grand opening with one hell of a demo. Check out the photos and video here.



Photos: Veldman


Supermaandag Amsterdam 01 marcelveldman 750px


Malto swcrooks amsterdam marcelveldman 750px

Sean Malto, switch crooks


Carlos swflipbacktail amsterdam marcelveldman 750px

Carlos Ribeiro, switch flip back tail


AlexOlson flipbacklip amsterdam marcelveldman 750px

Alex Olson, kickflip backside lipslide


Grant bsnoseblunt Amsterdam marcelveldman 750px

Grant Taylor, backside noseblunt slide


Luan fshalcabflip amsterdam marcelveldman 750px

Luan Oliveira, frontside half-Cab flip


Nando walljam amsterdam marcelveldman 750px

Fernando Bramsmark, walljam


Grant fskickflip Amsterdam marcelveldman 750px

Grant Taylor, frontside flip


Alex GT wieger amsterdam marcelveldman 750px

Alex Olson, Grant Taylor and Wieger Van Wageningen


Onaboat supermaandag amsterdam marcelveldmantif 750px


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