Tetherball: The Sport Behind the Sportsmen

Predatory Bird is back with a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of the New Balance "Numeric" video.


  • Going Pro with Ultimate Phil

    Going Pro with Ultimate Phil
    Phil is a man. A man who skates. He's going on 40, so if he's going to turn pro it's now or never. More at The Predatory Bird.
  • Everything Goes

    Everything Goes
    Joe Pease waltzes with hydrants while following a loose board around a city block.
  • Following Jake

    Following Jake
    Jake worked on the following video project with the shakier of the two existing Predatory Bird camera operators, John Rattray.
  • The Predatory Bird Episode 2

    The Predatory Bird Episode 2
    The surreal comic animation continues. Keep an eye out for all of the subtle skate references.
  • The Predatory Bud

    The Predatory Bud
    Loud and Rattray have joined forces to make the Predatory Bud. Draw your attack bird and post it to  The Predatory Bird Facebook page. The colors in the drawing picked by John will be used to design the Predatory Earbud.