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Title: Storm Lake Iowa
Post by: Kyle on August 08, 2012, 08:13:59 PM
Hello community of Thrasher.. I'm from a little crappy town called Storm Lake. Located in Iowa. We have been fighting for a skatepark for the past 10 years.. The community shows the skaters no respect because all they think we are is a bunch of druggies or people that destroy public property.. So are forced to drive half and hour to several hours away to the nearest skatepark that is open. Before I get some nay sayers and have them saying well if you are ruining their public property or are druggies then why would they? Were not druggies, were just a bunch of kids that wanted a park desperately.. I for one, and the rest of my friends are sick of driving to a skatepark to get footage.. We enjoy skateboarding alot, and hopefully one day we would love to make a living out of it. I know its alot of peoples dreams to have that excitement in their life. To have a living of just skateboarding. But how does one start doing that if they cannot have a skatepark in their town.. We recently had a town vote on it, and the skatepark had out vote anything else they posted by a landslide. But still, I honestly don't think they're going to do anything.. The town has been lying to skaters in our town for years, and years.. Its all we hear, is that "We'll get the fund raising done for it." or "We have the money we just need to find the right person to setup the property." Yet they always find some dumb reason to go spend it on something else, such as useless like cabins at camp grounds.. Camp grounds are suposte to have campers, and tents? No? They spent 1.6million on these Cabins... Some arent even finished being built, which then were a waste of money.. Because when they couldnt find the money to build them.. They tore them down.

Anyways... This is Storm Lakes story.. No one cares to help us skaters to get a skatepark input.. We have been wishing for a skatepark since day one when we started skating, and actually got somewhat good enough to do tricks on rails, boxes, stairsets, and such..

Title: Re: Storm Lake Iowa
Post by: Frank on August 09, 2012, 06:56:51 AM
Look around this DIY forum for a few minutes. Then go build yourself a skatepark.