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Title: Heavy Metal Recording Industry Documentary Extended Trailer Available
Post by: Mike on September 08, 2012, 01:22:41 PM
This looks pretty interesting 

Long in the making heavy metal recording industry documentary "Behind The Suit And Tie" appears to finally be on the brink of release. A new six-minute extended trailer can be viewed below.

Behind The Suit And Tie pulls no punches and features some of the prime movers in the heavy metal industry drawing back the veil of mystique surrounding the music business and addressing tough questions about the industry itself, how it's run and where labels see their role in a digital future," according to a press release.

Through a series of interviews with players from both indie and major labels, "Behind The Suit And Tie" "will showcase the truth of how the music industry is being affected by the downward spiral of CD sales and how new and up and coming artists must learn to adjust to changing times."

Unlike most music documentaries more musician-focused approach, 'Behind The Suit And Tie' will spend more time with the people behind the labels.

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