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Title: Some tips from my experience.
Post by: John on September 10, 2013, 12:14:51 AM
I have built a few DIY spots and I feel like I have got a pretty good hang of it (pics on the way when I can get them off my old phone).

I have had a lot of success using Quik-set Tile grout. Found a bag of it in my buddy's garage and decided to use it and been using it ever since. For some reason it is just as strong as normal concrete, but it is a hell of a lot smoother and easier to mix. Also, when shaping a transition it will hold its shape more and it makes it a lot easier (just like when you float tile, who would have thought). I have converted numerous gravely rain catche ditches around socal into fun little skateable mini ramps this way. The grout can cover rocks in your way as well. I prefer steel coping and have also found Liquid nails as a QUICK and easy way of adding coping to any ramp. Again I hope someone can benifit from my experiences. Cheers

Title: Re: Some tips from my experience.
Post by: Alexander Hausensen on September 20, 2013, 06:06:35 AM
Quik-set. NEver heard of that. I'm pretty sure there's different brands of cement and concrete and mortar (what it sounds like you've described) in different parts of the country. I'm in NEw England where alotta the cement  comes from Maine and the best company i've discovered so far is Quikrete. So it's real cheap here. So move to new england and make ramps with me.