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Title: Methadones last show...
Post by: ze RJM on September 29, 2010, 05:43:32 PM
I didn't know whether to post this in the stoked on or not stoked on thread so it's getting it's own here.
If anyone's in town, lemme know, I'll be rolling in early with a handful of Methadones faithfuls.  It's at
Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago, check the website.

Saturday, November 13 8:00 PM Ages 17+ presents

Incorporating catchy power pop with guitar-fueled, hook-laden punk rock, the Chicago quartet The Methadones prove to be much more than the scads of young pseudo-angry bands that have cashed in on the pop-punk formula of Green Day in the early '90s. The Methadones, led by guitarist / vocalist Dan Schafer (aka Dan Vapid from Screeching Weasels), along with lead guitarist Mike Byrne (The Vindictives), bassist Pete Mittler and drummer Mike Soucy, snatch their sweet, sticky brand of pop-punk from the hands of babes, only to repackage it all into short, searing treats for those a little more mature, but who still know a good time when it clobbers them over the head. The band's knack for injecting their infectious melodies with an unbridled sense of rebellious enthusiasm only solidifies that these guys are serious about their craft.

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There's a fine line involved in the Soviettes' widely accessible brand of punk rock and those closely related; a line with two distinct production extremes lying on its respective sides. On one end you've got unashamed, unyielding, guitar-scrubbing, dirty-as-fuck, direct-from-the-basement work; on the other end you've got squeaky clean, polished to an unavoidable shimmer, radio-ready products of studio magic; the kind of thing that requires a special formula for the sake of easy and constant replication. But then in the middle, directly on that very thin line, you've got the perfect combination of both; not quite the poor band's "produced," not quite a big budget "gritty." It's a quality rarely achieved, and one capable of drawing respect from any point across the punk rock spectrum. It's genuine and adroit, it's straightforward and confounding - punk with an indiscriminant charm; pop with a scathing demeanor. It's exactly what you get with the Soviettes.

The Copyrights play loud energetic punk with a definite Chicago influenced pop sound a la early 90's Lookout! They deliver a refreshing jolt in the spirit of their storied processors in the punk underground.

The Jetty Boys play punk rock in the vein of Elvis Costello, Devil Dogs, Boys, Descendents, Sweet Baby, Buzzcocks rolled into a sandwich slathered with guitars, bass, snare rolls, rock n' roll and pop hooks.

Title: Methadones last show
Post by: dijo on December 26, 2010, 01:26:03 PM