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Title: DIY ledge/stoop repairs
Post by: Long Way Home on March 10, 2011, 03:14:03 AM
I've been checking out all the DIY threads, and it's getting me excited to make some things once the weather gets nice. The first thing I want to do though, is make the stoop in front of my house skateable.

It's a concrete stoop that acts as a step into the house on the one end where the door is, but it extends the length of the front of the house, about 8-10 feet. The sidewalk is on a slight hill, so the stoop starts off about six inches high over near the door, and ends up being about a foot high towards the other end. It's perfect for little tail/nose slides, and usually fun for late night games of skate, or warming up before leaving to go somewhere else. The only problem is, there's only about 2 continuous feet where the ledge isn't chipped up, so you can never really slide for very long.
I rent from my dad, so I don't think he'll have a problem with me fixing the ledge up if I'm improving the place- regardless of my intentions in doing so, I'll just run it by him first to save any headaches. I'm thinking I have two options; I think bondo is out because I need it to look like a normal concrete stoop, so I could either use concrete to patch over the gaps and create a new edge, or angle iron. I've heard of ways to make concrete slick without wax, by using some sort of top-coat. This might be good, because I would avoid waxing the crap out of it to skate, it would make it more presentable (other tenants live here). I also though about just getting some angle iron, and construction adhesive of some sort, and then maybe filling in the top, at the back of the angle iron where there would be a height difference, with quickcrete. This way, if it was waxed, it wouldn't be as visible, and It would never chip again. Which would be a more permanent fix? I'll try and post some pictures tomorrow, so you can get an idea of what I'm working with. It would be awesome to get a marble slab to just put right on top of the whole thing instead, but I have no idea where you find/cut something like that.

The other problem I have is fixing some cracks/rough spots in the sidewalk on the approach to the ledge, but that's probably an easy job if I already have some concrete mixed for the ledge.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Title: Re: DIY ledge/stoop repairs
Post by: krusher on March 10, 2011, 09:33:51 PM
If you donít give the concrete something to hold on to the stuff is gonna just chip out again. In the big chips screw some screws in there and they will act like rebar. You can just glob the concrete on with your hands like mud and use a trowel to clean it. Or you can screw a piece of plywood with some diesel on it and use that as a form and pack the cement in a trowel from on top; this way will look the best.

If you use angle iron people might slip on it when itís wet plus most cement companies would prefer to have at least an inch of depth the get the correct tensile strength; which means you would have to use 1Ē tube stock and redo the whole top of the ledge.

I always felt if I was going to do some concrete job in a public space where looks matter I would add black die to the mix that way you would never see the wax go bad.

Title: Re: DIY ledge/stoop repairs
Post by: Long Way Home on March 12, 2011, 02:45:58 AM
That's a good idea with the screws, I would have to use tapcons and a hammer-drill to screw into concrete though, wouldn't I? maybe I could form the new corner out of chicken wire like you would a sculpture mold or something, that will give it something extra to grab on to. Making a mold is smart, I think that will also save me time when it comes to using the trowel. I'm still looking into surface treatments, I saw a video before where someone used a small roller and brushed this stuff onto the concrete on the first four or five inches in from the corner, and it made it slick as hell, like a skatepark floor or something. I think that would let me do nose/tail slides without needing wax. it's supposed to be nice this week, so hopefully I can get going on this soon. Thanks for your helpful reply, hopefully I'll slowly learn what I'm doing enough to be able to do quick diy repairs and builds on more public spaces.

Title: Re: DIY ledge/stoop repairs
Post by: bailgun on March 12, 2011, 12:39:12 PM

paint the steps.

Title: Re: DIY ledge/stoop repairs
Post by: Long Way Home on March 20, 2011, 07:04:30 PM
I was at Lowe's today and I saw a 4 foot piece of angle iron there on clearance for $2.05 so I picked it up. I got some construction adhesive and just glued it down on the stoop, more towards the far end, away from where the door is. It looks nicer already, and is going to be way easier to skate. I picked up some of those little tubes of crack filler to mess around with on the sidewalk gaps/cracks, I'll see how well that works.