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Author Topic: The Mitsubishi GTO came to the US as the 3000GT  (Read 5337 times)
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The Mitsubishi GTO came to the US as the 3000GT, but it came only in AWD twin turbo or RWD naturally aspirated versions, leaving a great price gap in between. The R/T Turbo model was $45,000, and the VR4 version (which was not only AWD but also came with a speedsensitive front air dam) cost still more than that, and has only 20hp more than the 300ZX. The Supra with its turbocharged 1JZGTE 2.5 liter straight six Cheap authentic jerseys has only 20hp less, putting it in the same ballpark as well, though sales were softer than those of the 300ZX TT.
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