303's "Vol. 2" Photos

CELEBRATING 303’S 22ND YEAR IN OPERATION AND FOLLOWING UP OUR VOL. 1 VIDEO, we spent the last 12 months in the trenches making Vol. 2. Going in, we had only two objectives: film in Colorado as much as possible and knock out some full parts. The Big Meet Up in New Mexico was the only trip we were able to take. Raver, our close friend and tour guide, made the trek in his beat up Camry, charging through rugged trails to a remote camping destination in the mountains. On the way out, he drove headfirst into a berm, nearly sending all of us flying out of the windows of the car. The vehicle seemed done for but Raver miraculously started it and got it off the side of the mountain. The dude was something else! Unfortunately, Raver lost his life shortly after our adventures in Albuquerque. This film is dedicated in part to his memory. —Coburn Huff

Photos by Coburn Huff and Dirty Tom

13303 Photo Blog 2000PXSetting the stage for heavy things to come, Alex Gould gets a backside 5-0 on the BA rail     Photo: Huff

16303 Photo Blog 2000PXWe broke the first skate stopper on this rail, but the second one wouldn’t budge. Dan Khamov slipped a boardslide past it anyway      
Photo: Dirty Tom

12303 Photo Blog 2000PXDevin Bagnoli kept the rail train chugging along with this waist-high 50-50     Photo: Huff

04303 Photo Blog 2000PXStriving for more elevation, Greg Piloto front blunts up the escalator      Photo: Huff

02303 Photo Blog 2000PXRaver took us here, so Jaeson Mazanares knew it was FFFFFTTTTYYYYAAAAHHHH time! Full-commitment stalefish before the cops could show up     
Photo: Huff

14303 Photo Blog 2000PXJohn Herrera served up a tasty 360 flip before this spot got blown out. Happens to the best of 'em     Photo: Huff

07303 Photo Blog 2000PXJohn likes to jump so you know wasn't gonna let this 13 stair go unkickflipped     Photo : Huff

19303 Photo Blog 2000PXWhile out on a solo film session, Michael Matlock said, “Bondo that crack and it’s a go.” He was right. A quick trip to the hardware store and Momo took it down and out to the street, no problem     Photo: Dirty Tom

01303 Photo Blog 2000PXWith the golden hour and ratchet straps on his side, Momo back Smiths a spot that only lasted about as long as the sunset     Photo : Huff

18303 Photo Blog 2000PXIf you haven't already gotten the clue that he's unreal, let Michael's first-try 14-stair switch 180 seal the deal     Photo: Dirty Tom

06303 Photo Blog 2000PXFreshly-paved asphalt and a bright purple paint job was all Trevor Theriault needed to take this boardslide up and over. Soon after, this became another weed shop with psychedelic murals covering the outside. Trip on that     Photo : Huff

15303 Photo Blog 2000PXTrevor also had no problem planting this backside flip before the city put in the trees      Photo: Dirty Tom

20303 Photo Blog 2000PXMore proof of Trevor's first-class kickflips, this time over the bar to wallride     Photo: Dirty Tom

21303 Photo Blog 2000PXSneak peeks on the go      Photo: Dirty Tom

05303 Photo Blog 2000PXDenver Ted’s is not only home to the best cheesesteaks in Colorado, they also have grate bumps to feed Trevor's meter-jumping hunger     Photo : Huff

08303 Photo Blog 2000PXTrevor brings heat in the streets and on the 'crete. Switch crooks in the first days of RPM Barriers DIY      Photo: Huff

09303 Photo Blog 2000PXAnd he ain't done yet! Trevor takes full advantage of Denver's recent spot boom with a heelflip boardslide       Photo: Huff

03303 Photo Blog 2000PXSpencer Semien varial flipped this flat gap for Vol. 2, then hit it with a hardflip just for fun. Some folks just got it like that    Photo: Huff

22303 Photo Blog 2000PXTravor's front Smith required a mid-session footy party     Photo: Dirty Tom

17303 Photo Blog 2000PXSchoolyard chillin'      Photo: Dirty Tom

10303 Photo Blog 2000PXClosing it out, John vaults some volts with an electric ollie     Photo: Huff

Huge thanks to Vans for backing the video, DJs Parris and Wes Wayne for the jams and Sean for the graphics and titles. Guess it's time to start working on Vol. 3 now...
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