3rd Annual Kyle Walker Day Photos

After an unbelievably hot week of sunup to sundown days, the shredding and shenanigans continue as K-Walks and the gang close out an epic trip at a brand new park in Oklahoma City for the 3rd annual Kyle Walker Day. –Trevor Vaughn

 1 750pxFull van post breakfast

 2 750pxStraight to a spot, Christian boardslides with ease

 3 750pxBut it’s Kyle Walker day—c’mon

 4 750pxOnto the next one

 5 750pxAnd that’s why the SOTY has his own day

 6 750pxPit stop at the local shop. Thanks for everything, Core

 7 750pxThey've got what you need

 8 750pxWTR meeting

 9 750pxA little skate video viewing to keep you inspired

 10 750pxGang

 11 750pxThey must've been out of White Claw

 12 750pxCalled in the drone cam for this one

 13 750pxThe Walkers brought an RV to cool off in. Is that a pizza truck?

 14 750pxAlan showed up with Claws

 15 750pxWolf Trap shirts were a hot commodity

 16 750pxThe fam showed up. Joe was there, too

 17 750pxhad to get these three legends together

 18 750pxThat’s gonna be a good one

 19 750pxHey, Ray, can I get a print of that?

 20 750pxRay Ray

 21 750pxRon Walker strung together a few hundred feet of hose and pumped lake water into our dunk tank. Thanks, Ron!

 22 750pxMomma Walker got her first scratch from a Claw

 23 750pxMemorabilia…

 24 750px…was signed

 25 750pxOKC love

 27 750pxThe kiddos were having fun

 28 750pxThe Walkers had shirts made for the event

 29 750pxFree raffle tickets with purchase

 30 750pxKyle Walker - thats for y'all

 31 750pxAll proceeds benefiting the Cavett Kids Foundation—where illness does not define the child. Thank you guys for coming out

 32 750pxFinding shade whereever you can

 33 750pxI think it was hotter this year than the scorcher back in 2017

 34 750pxThat’s a first for me

 35 750pxHow about a closer look

 36 750pxThanks to the Saucee Sicilian for keeping K-Walks day sauced up since 2017

 37 750pxPepperoni, please

 38 750pxJack agrees

 39 750pxYou know the Clint Walkers made it out

 40 750pxFired up

 41 750pxRain or shine

 42 750pxThe best place on Earth

 43 750pxChristian Henry sets it off

 44 750pxJack Olson, switch Smith right off the bat

 45 750pxFollowed up by a switch blunt

 46 750pxThe local ghetto bird was out

 47 750pxHermann Stene, textbook BSNB

 48 750pxLocally-owned front feeble

 49 750pxK-Walks half Cab flips like no other

 50 750pxEveryone loves Bacon (that’s his name)

 51 750pxNollie flipper Hermann

 52 750pxFirst-try frontside flip

 53 750pxKicky crooks from the new pro

 54 750pxClive came outta left field with this one—pop shove boardslide

 55 750pxChristian Henry, 50-50 into the bank

 56 750pxSomeone even brought a jump ramp

 57 750px@ogbigb with the kickflip ender

 58 750pxIt’s hot! when does the raffle start?

 59 750pxIce ice baby

 60 750pxNow we’re talking

 61 750pxJackie brought out the ’90s Super Soaker. Fuck yeah

 62 750pxHe's an old cranky sk8er

 63 750pxEveryone loves Gabe

 64 750pxGrandma Walker

 65 750pxDunk tank is full and Kyle is up

 66 750pxThat feels good

 67 750pxReese wanted in

 68 750pxMidday nap

 69 750pxSunny and Scotty

 70 750pxThanks for all the product! Let’s start this raffle

 71 750pxOur first winner—I think he bought 100$ worth of tickets. Thank you!

 72 750pxThats going on the wall (or maybe eBay)

 73 750pxStoked winner

 74 750pxWhere did all these first-run Kyle boards come from?

 75 750pxRaffle dazzled

 76 750pxA happy fan meets the 2016 SOTY

 77 750pxSo many shoes were given away

 78 750pxShop owner Jake plotting his water balloon attack with Jimbo

 79 750pxLet the games begin

 80 750pxBlew his hat right off. Wait, what’s that guy doing in the back?

 81 750pxFull speed

 82 750pxDirect hit

 83 750pxKyle and Jack

 84 750pxAltus, Oklahoma

 85 750pxClive found some shade

 86 750pxDynamic duo—Lex and Betty

 87 750pxNephew love. Who's giving those bunny ears, though?

 88 750pxRon Walker, of course.

 89 750px@wolftraproad

 90 750pxDay 1s

 91 750pxBest sunsets around

 92 750pxReese was fascinated

 93 750pxAnd that’s a wrap. Thanks to everyone that made it out and was a part of yet another amazing Kyle Walker Day. See ya’ next year!

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