One Movement Contest in Barbados

The 9th Annual One Movement Skate Invitational contest went down this past weekend on the beautiful island of Barbados. Chris Haslam was invited down this year to help out with skate clinics, a mini ramp demo and, of course, spend a few extra days to relax and enjoy the Island. After about ten years of pushing to get a public skatepark on Barbados, it’s finally happening. The construction of the first skatepark on the island started last month and the concrete crew from Artisan Skateparks are expecting to have it finished at the end of the year. The skateboard scene in Barbados is looking bright, and hopefully some of the neighboring Islands will follow suit. “Ting it up” and see you next year! —Rhino

1 750pxRoadside hydration station

2 750pxChris Haslam shotgunning some coconut juice

3 750pxHaslam, fully hydrated front blunt

4 750pxEven pros gotta wait their turn

5 750pxKickflip to fakie. Can you name the SOTY on the grip tape?

6 750pxSkaters from all over the island showed up to watch Chris skate the demo

7 750pxBarbados locals and a few of the Artisan Skateparks builders on the site where the island’s first skatepark will be built

8 750pxLocal Paul Wilson and Haslam on snorkel patrol

9 750pxHaslam helping out at the skate clinic before the contest starts

10 750pxThey have monkeys there, too

11 750pxJust wait ’til the new park opens

12 750pxIt’s gonna be heavy duty

13 750pxBarbados skate rats

14 750pxGenerations of stoke

15 750pxEverybody wants some

16 750pxHaslam blasting over a local ripper

17 750pxSundown Superhero blasting some live tunes during the contest

18 750pxIsland hopping—the Saint Lucia crew made it over again and brought the hype

19 750pxThe contest judges held it down all weekend

20 750pxThe youth were restless so they added a contest for them

21 750pxThe three best trick winners: Jurad Mason, Clay Gill and Chevy Cobe

22 750pxThe main event top-four finalists: Zaundre O’Sullivan in first, Jonathan Austin in second, Paul Wilson third and Chevy Cobe with the fourth-place finish

23 750pxCongratulations to the winner, Zaundre O’ Sullivan

24 750pxThanks to all the organizers and the skaters who came out a ripped all weekend

25 750pxLets get some more people in there! Can’t wait to go back when the park is done!
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