adidas Contest: Where's Gonzo?

It’s not easy getting a team of globe-trotting rippers all together. This one photo (which ran in the April 2016 mag) managed to capture the whole adidas crew in Spain. To win a bunch of free stuff from adidas, including "Away Days" shoes, correctly name each skater next to their number in the photo. In list form, email us all the numbers with each skater’s names next to them. Five winners will be chosen at random from the responses with the most correct answers.

Make sure to zoom in on the photo and then send your answer here. Include your mailing address as well.

Adidas noNumber750

Click on image above for a larger version with numbers

  • adidas Skateboarding presents /// SHIN

    adidas Skateboarding presents /// SHIN
    There's a magnetism about Shin's style, reinforcing the notion that some people were just born to skate. Equal parts effort and power make a sublime combo and a well-deserved promotion to adidas' official ranks. 
  • Introducing /// Rivalry HI OG by Na-Kel

    Introducing /// Rivalry HI OG by Na-Kel
    Hopping fences and hanging with the crew will never get old. Check out Nak’s tribute to Suburbia with Lil’ Dre and their schoolyard clique— let’s go!!
  • Metropolitan's "DWYCK" Video

    Metropolitan's "DWYCK" Video
    The pulse of New York City beats heavy through the veins of Metropolitan, from the 1990s to 2019 and beyond. DWYCK...
  • Abnormal Communication: Episode 1

    Abnormal Communication: Episode 1
    Hello there. Welcome to episode one of this videographic journey into the mind of our Godfather, Mr. Mark Gonzales. He’s brought some friends along too. Enjoy the show. More to come soon...
  • adidas' "Law Of The Seas" Video

    adidas' "Law Of The Seas" Video
    Silas Baxter-Neal, Shin Sanbongi and Dennis Durrant head out to the land down under to link up with fellow Australian and Japanese adidas team riders.